Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, MEGAversary, and Bake Off!

Scavenger Hunt (registration now closed!)

Your event has started! See here for the hints!

:star2: Huge special thanks to Vomher, Insein, JimmyTheRabbit, Kylaney, and Leogrim for helping. :star2:
That’s right! We’re doing another scavenger hunt! We had an immensely successful scavenger hunt for last year’s Samhein so we thought we’d bring it back for anniversary time. It was a ton of fun and I hope those who participated last year can agree on that. :slight_smile: The rules and such will be pretty much the same as last years. Can’t wait to see your all’s faces there!

This time, instead of pumpkins, you all will be searching for thematically appropriate and/or terrifying objects. So let’s get started!

What to do now:
You and three friends (or less but no more) will form a team, then make a team name! Designate someone as the team leader. When you have that, the team leader will need to email me here:
Please include the following information in your email:

  • Nicknames of the players in your group
  • Who the teamleader is in the group
  • Team name
  • The furthest zone you as a team can enter.

Make sure you get your email in by June 27th. If we don’t get an email in by then, you won’t be able to participate. This gives us enough time to assign zones.
You will get an email back on June 28th with the following information:

  • What zone you are assigned to
  • Your Zone Helper

The Zone Helper is who the team leader can contact in game if you have questions or need help. :slight_smile:

When/Where : Sunday 2019-06-30T16:00:00Z in Agartha by the Station Master.

What to do then:
Teams of up to 4 people will hunt and collect up to 10 designated items scattered through a specific zone using clues POSTED HERE. Find all items faster than other teams in your zone and you’ll win! This event will be streamed on Twitch by Funcom. Which items you’re searching for will be revealed on the day of the hunt. So check back here!

Make sure you and your team look over this carefully!

  • Your team will be randomly assigned a zone for the hunt.
  • Please meet in Agartha on 2019-06-30T16:00:00Z . Once your team is gathered, we will transfer you to your assigned zone. DO NOT MOVE AFTER YOU ARE ZONED.
  • This forum post will be edited to show hints for your zone at exactly 13:00(EST). That’s one hour from arrival. You can simply click on the arrow to show hints for your zone.
  • YOU MAY BEGIN AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE SCAVENGER HUNTER BUFF. You cannot pick up the items without this buff. I will start buffing you at 13:00 EST but you may get it shortly after since I will need to zone to you.
  • There will be 10 hints per zone for the locations on the items. How you choose to find them is then up to you and your teamwork!
  • EACH TEAMMATE MUST INTERACT WITH THE ITEMS. Once you find one, each member needs to interact with it to pick it up.
  • So if you have a team of 4, you will have 40 items by the end. If you have a team of two, you will have 20.
  • There are decoy items. A message will tell you if you interacted with the wrong one. ;D
  • You will NOT need to enter any instances or lairs.
  • To win, the items need to be traded to your team leader. The team leader must then go back to Agartha and trade the stack of items to Spynosaur, who will be there waiting for you by the Station Master. She will then mark your team’s completion.
  • Once you trade in your items, feel free to go about your business. You do not need to stick around unless you want to!
  • There will be one winner per zone (one in Blue Mountain, one in Savage Coast, and so on). The fastest team in your zone will win.
  • Even if a winner has been announced for your zone, keep going! We’ll post team completion places.


  • No more than 4 people to a team. You may have less than 4.
  • Your team can communicate through Discord, tells, or however you wish. But please do not with those outside your team.
  • We discourage giving hints or location answers to other teams in your playfield.
  • Do not not leave your zone to find other items in different zones. Items in each zone are labeled and named per zone, so it’ll be obvious in any case.
  • This is just a fun event, so please be a team player and play nicely/don’t cheat. \o/

The Prize(s):

One (1) Anima Lager t-shirt

Playfield winner(s):
One (1) epic cache key for each player on the winning team plus the Anima Lager shirt!

Odds of winning will be determined by number of entries.

We’re super excited to host this again this year. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any. Can’t wait to see you all there! \o/


There are so many amazing events and giveaways you can be a part of that was put together by some incredible people including HolloPoint, Nytha, Leogrim, Vomher, JimmyTheRabbit, Insein, and more! The events will kick off on the 19th. Make sure to mark your calenders for these! Here is everything you can participate in. Click on the blue link to learn more:


Christmas in July: Icy Claw Raffle hosted by JimmyTheRabbit from June 19th through July 2nd

Blodwedd Mallory Book Raffle: Enter your character name here before July 1st for a chance to win some fantastic books.

HolloPoint Art Raffle : See posts for details on how you could win a special prize based on one of the pictures done for the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo as well as a Radiant Cobra Ring.

Special Agent Raffle: Enter your character name before July 1st for a chance to win the Boone Agent!


Art Contest! : Between now and July 8th, submit any art based on Secret World Legends. You could win some pretty sweet prizes!

MEGA Boss Event from June 19th through July 1st go slam some World Bosses with everyone!

Story Night In Game RP: Event starts on 2019-06-22T00:00:00Z. Join Insein for an interactive storytelling event!

Bike Race: Join everyone on 2019-06-22T18:00:00Z for an amazing bike race! Check out the post for rules and route to follow.

First Weekend Radio Show with Happy Tentacle Radio And Fancy Dress Contest: Come in your best outfit and tune in for some great prizes on June 22nd!

The Re-Questioning (Movie Trivia Contest): Test your knowledge of movie trivia! Event will be held on 2019-06-23T19:00:00Z. There are some amazing prizes and will be a ton of fun you won’t want to miss.

Rosenbrawl Community Brawl: Event starts 2019-06-23T15:00:00Z. Join for a MASSIVE brawl!

Elite 1 Dungeon run event: Dungeons will be run for anyone who who wants to join, new or veteran. There are two sessions. One on 2019-06-22T15:00:00Z and the second on 2019-06-29T16:00:00Z

Mushroom Merry Melodies (Song Contest): Submit a song themed or based on SWL! Submit yours by July 1st.

Alternate Reality Game - MEGAversary Edition: Help the Stationmaster to understand the myriad puzzles and messages buzzing throughout multiple media in this alternate reality game! Are you listening, sweetling?

Bumblebread’s Bake Off

Get your bake on! Submit your bread before July 5th for judging and you could win some fabulous prizes. See here for rules and details! \o/