MEGAversary 2 HolloPoint Art Raffle

A Special prize based on one of the pictures done for the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo is to be given as overall prize in a Raffle. The winner will be drawn from all who message me in game through the mail system or on these forums. Just say “Art Raffle” and your in game name and a link to the 4K resolutions of these pictures will be sent to the winner :slight_smile: Also We will provide the prize of a Radiant Cobra Ring to go along with this special offer!

List your name below, send in a PM or an in game mail with character name and “Art Raffle” to have a chance to win!

Raffle is open now and will run to 1st July 23:59 British Summer Time. Draw hopefully the day after.

Edit: I’ll be updating and fixing the picture a bit as I go through the MEGAversary 2 :slight_smile:


Lunas would love to be in this Art Raffle

Yes, me too. Please enter Unsafecrayon in the Art Raffle.

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I’d like to enter, please.

Character Name: AntiqueRose

Art is good. Alphabethead. Zone: US

I wouldn’t mind if Unsafecrayon won. That name gives me giggles.

Art Raffle

With Best Regards,

Watevz ART Raffle!

mindtrip is in!

I’d like to enter the Art Raffle !
Character name : Heziel

Nightglow Art Raffle :wink:

Art Raffle Astraen :slight_smile:

Hello. I’d like to register for the Raffle. Account name: FantasticWorlds Character: HipsterDude

MenShi Meng (account name Cimabue) would like to register for the Art Raffle. Thanks!

Please enter Nyxee into the art raffle! <3


ReddHeadGamerGirl aka Nyxee

Name: Evinesco

I would like to enter the art raffle please :smiley:

Name: Ashcross

Art raffle please and thank you.

Art Raffle me please!

Valha “Hyborea” Hazred

Art Raffle, thanks!

Character Name: Poisoness

Xaiax says “art raffle.”

And “thanks.”

The HolloPoint Art Raffle is now Closed!!!