MEGAversary 3 The Art Contest!

This is to announce the opening of the MEGAversary 3 A Very MEGA Sequel Art Contest!

As of this date, running until 15th July 23.59 British Summer Time, we are asking for submissions of Art based on Secret World Legends! This can be anything, drawn or 3D rendered, painted and so on, related to SWL or Moons of Madness :slight_smile:

There can be only one entry per person and there will be some excellent prizes for this event. Can you “Sistine” some enthuisiasm? It’s time to get your berets on and splash out some ART :slight_smile:

Post your art work below in JPG format, max size is 2.9 MB for the highest quality, but as long as it’s not a pixelated mess (unless that is what you are portraying!) it will be judged fairly by our panel of highly qualified experts.

Edit: Animations are more than welcome, just post the link to your creations below and we can watch in awe :slight_smile:

Prizes for the Art Contest are:

1st Prize: New Years Dragon, 1 Rocketeer’s Pack, Radiant Cold Silver Dice, 10 Red Kaidan Keys, 10 Resplendent Talisman Fragments
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, 30 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments
3rd Prize: 40 Purple Kaidan Keys 20 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments

The may be some adjustments.

Can you do it, Tentacle-avagio’s?

Be within the realms of common decency with your entries please!


DJ Malak’s submission for the Art Contest


OUCH*, that has my eyes watering! :slight_smile:


I don’t think any of us stand a chance against that, but I have an idea that I can hopefully get from my brain to a piece of paper. Good hunting, everybody.

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Cucuvea, With Tea


This was a piece I did for a counterpart’s SW fan fiction about the Dragon, “Coils and Butterfly Wings”.


This from WireRat, does not have a forum account:


This is from Ahlee


I started it for last year contest but hadn’t time to finish. :neutral_face: Better late than never?


The Art Contest is now closed… judgement later today :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’ve got some feedback on all the images, and all are great :slight_smile:

DJ Malak: A great render, lighting is good, posing has a nice rule of thirds to it and good postwork for the smoke from the homme awes shot (ouch!!) and fire effect on the hand. Very nice 3d Work.

Margolomania: Very creative, a good rendition of Cucuvea and its well composed and very original. Excellent artistic piece.

Molly: Nice use of what I think is stock imagery, good combinations and positioning for the butterfly wings and they look excellent. Top notch.

Wirerat: A great animation, the characterization is lovely and a very humerous GIF. Time take for this must have been substantial, very smooth and an all round brilliant animation.

Sunan: Very good character, good shading on the blocks, good colourization. Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Jess: Fabulous work… great line working and colouring, shading and effects. Flawless perspective to the image. You caught South Africa really well and it is nicely comedic to boot :slight_smile:

I’m going to have another think over a few beers and I’ll have to decide on three winners :frowning:

Hi all !

Thx for this community event !
New members can’t post img or link to the forum. So, =/
I posted my submision on my artstation Rosenrot. If someone can post my participation for me, it would be great :slight_smile:

Hey, Rosenrot… contest is closed, really sorry. If you put up a post in a thread 5 times that allows you to post images… pick a thread (this one will do) make a post and delete… do this five times and you’ll have access.

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It’s a great image as well …


Thanks for the tip !
No problem, see you next year ! ^^
Hope to do better and in time = D

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Sorry about any confusion, Rosenrot. I hate time zone mechanics :slight_smile: It really is a brilliant image :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much ! I’m blushing a little ^^
And don’t worry about it. It was a pleasure to participate and have some feedback !

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Okies,… so the Kraken Rum has been imbibed… and the maudlin task of deciding on the winners has arrived. I’m really torn up about all the entries, but, in the end… there have to be winners. So…

1st Place: Wirerat: To get - New Years Dragon, 1 Rocketeer’s Pack, Radiant Cold Silver Dice, 10 Red Kaidan Keys, 10 Resplendent Talisman Fragments. The Dragon will be delivered soon, by Funcom

2nd Place: Jess: To Get - 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, 30 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments

3rd Place: Margolomania: To get - 40 Purple Kaidan Keys 20 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments

The Prize from Funcom will be delivered at the end of the official anniversary, the other listed prizes I will get to you in game as soon as I see you, I’ll note on Friends list and send a message.

I wish I’d been able to get a prize to all of you, they were all really good entries :slight_smile:


There is some stock in there, yes. The snake with a lot of editing/recolours is a recombination of 2 images I found because I don’t have a snake :slight_smile: ) I also used a base image of a butterfly to build my butterfly shape on. It’s not just a copy paste


Everything else is created from combining and manipulating photos I took of various bladed objects:


Snake Coil photo.

The image the snake’s head is collaged from might have to be changed; I’ve requested permission for its use but I’m waiting to hear back… Never trust Google Image search when it says something is creative commons :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - The first part of the snake was based on a shot by Tom Charlton and he kindly granted permission for this image to be used for entry to the competition. Learned a lot about snakes in doing this image :slight_smile:

Gz to the winners, and to Hollo for organising.


The combinations look great, Molly… I’m thinking about the snake… I have a python model for 3D… I can try and get the pose right and give you a free png of it if you’d like… pretty sure the pre-set poses will give me something very similar?

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