MEGAversary 3 HolloPoint Art Raffle

A Special prize based on a picture allocated for the MEGAversary 3 A very Mega Sequel is to be given as overall prize in a Raffle. The winner will be drawn from all who message me in game through the mail system or on these forums. Just say “Art Raffle” and your in game name and a link to the 4K resolutions of these pictures will be sent to the winner :slight_smile: Also We will provide a “Special Prize” to go along with this special offer!

List your name below, send in a PM or an in game mail with character name and “Art Raffle” to have a chance to win!

Raffle is open now and will run to 8th July 23:59 British Summer Time. Draw hopefully the day after.

In addition to the picture there will be: 40 Resplendent Talisman Fragments

Edit: I’ll be updating and fixing the picture a bit as I go through the MEGAversary 3


Chasun Art Raffle

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I posit this is HolloPoint rule number one: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” :slight_smile:

(OK OK, I know it is Ralph Waldo Emerson, but you know what I mean :slight_smile: )

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Cryptohaiku: Art Raffle

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After some deliberation, this image will bee the download on offer:

I will provide a link to a 4K resolution image for a “lucky” winner :stuck_out_tongue: + the prize stated above.

Serressia - Art Raffle

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Broc - Art Raffle

(realised when I commented above I forgot to actually say I wanted in on the raffle :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Leogrim - Art Raffle

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LonelyMidnight -Art Raffle

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KruPNiKKi Art raffle

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Equalizer (Two i’s) Art Raffle

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Aiden “Trugoy” Pryde

A raffle is always a good thing…right?


Raffle Closed, draw will be when I wake up in a few hours.

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The winner of the 4K picture below and 40 Resplendent Talisman Fragments is:


I’ll contact you shortly or you can send a Forum message. I’ll need your email to send the link for the 4K image to download, through imgur. I’ll add you to friend list and check when you are available for the delivery of the fragments.


My Pictures!!


Sorry I think I’m going a bit bee-crazy… I can’t find where I got the name… “wataevatrevor”… many apologies… late night madness? Tentacles screaming at the edges of my mind? I dunno… I’m looking into it… I’ll post the results of my investigation… soon… :slight_smile:

Since I’m informed watevatrevor entered last year I shall redraw the raffle! lol. don’t ask, Kraken Rum had nothing to do with it… so…

RNGiaizues from the entrants provides me with… Trugoy!!!

I’ll contact you for your email through this forum message system and list you on friends list in game to deliver the game prize.




Sweet!!! I can’t believe I won…especially since I entered with less than 5 minutes to spare!!!