MEGAversary 4: In Memory of Hollopoint - "For Art's Sake"

With the news of Hollopoints passing, the MEGAversary team have had to withdraw the Art raffle he was hosting to win one of his 4k resolution artworks.

In honouring the memory of our long-standing friend, Hollopoint. Who worked tremendously hard at aiming to bring the very best to the community with the numerous events, I thought it would be most fitting that a thread opened where people were able to post their own screenshots/media of or for Hollopoint.

This is an open to all Memorial and not a raffle. In knowing Hollo, you were a true winner. People like him are rare. We will treasure his time he spent with us all and for his absolute dedication to TSW/SWL.

“For Art’s Sake” He gave us so much. His inspiration was this game, His drive was the community who appreciated, his motivation was a genuine intention to please the eye of the beholder, his heart was passionate about all that he created.

You can add any shots taken of SWL (or any location in the real world) in dedication or memory or any art created by yourself, any image from fave artists, fave songs/videos - in fact - anything you like.

Here are a couple of links to the legacy of artwork Hollo created and the link to the interview with VisNews - Visual Narratives Academy Newsletter for Digital Art Live Magazine.

Thank you all :heart:
AKA Raziel, LoneMonkey, Meta-Moth.

HolloPoint Art at Daz3D - brokenmoebius’s Gallery


For those who are interested, here is a gallery of all the covers @HolloPoint created for the Unofficial Legends of The Secret World over the past three years.


So much to choose from, so I will add two links to his work that are very close to my heart:

Graphic Novel: Nine Swords Origins
Graphic Novel: Nine Swords Evolutions


@HolloPoint had a “virtual” showing of his artwork in the Life, The Universe and Everything writing conference this past February. It appears from the conference site as if the Art Show is still available for download here.

But, in case you don’t have half a gig free on your hard drive, here are some of the screenshots I took.

Mark LTUE5