A Boone Raffle in Memory of HolloPoint: "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Even though I’m with the League of Monster Slayers, this Raffle is really about HolloPoint, a person who’s life touched mine. It’s my hope that anyone who remembers him will not only take part in this, but will leave in their reply something about Hollo that moved them. If you don’t know who HolloPoint was, just forum search MEGAversary. He was the moving force behind the important event that so many of us enjoyed. So in true HolloPoint fashion, I’ll keep this short. THE RULES ARE: one entry per account (anyone caught entering an alt will be disqualified). Just reply with the toon’s name you would want Boone delivered to. ENTRY DEADLINE is July 16th at 11:59 EST (4am UTC July 17th). AND AGAIN, ONE ENTRY PER ACCOUNT. Special thanks to Andy and Vomher.

Open for entries until 2023-07-17T03:59:00Z
Winner will be announced by 2023-07-24T03:59:00Z


Have never played this game but appreciate what you are trying to do. @Unsafecrayon


He created the first full length TSW Fan Comic. It was wonderful!


Teg would like to enter. Thank you so much UC for doing this :heart:; Hollopoint was such an amazing and wonderful member of the SWL community; Anniversary just doesn’t feel the same without him. :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :heart:


I have to agree teg - Hollo was an outstanding example of what a non-toxic community can achieve. His artwork and event orga made the MEGAversary such a great experience for us.


What a wonderful idea. I was reminded of Hollopoint just the other day.

Would love to add Boone to my roster in memory of him!



This is such a wonderful and amazing thing to do.

Mark and I were friends for a very long time. We would talk about many things from politics to gaming and of course artwork and Megaversary.
We planned many things together behind the scenes of SWL.
Mark was constantly working on something, be it art or an event.
The artwork for the megaversary and the Blodwedd Mallory book covers are some of his most known works.
I write to Mark yearly in a humorous facebook post for his birthday and give him a rundown of what’s been going on in the world and SWL since he “moved away”

I had hoped that Mark’s family would take up the idea of a memorial in game somewhere and had hoped for a little magazine in a templar related location that had maybe some artwork and a few words - alas, it seems it never happened.

Mark devoted a lot of time to TSW/SWL - and it shows in how much people remember and loved him.
The turnout for his vigil was quite something. The news of Marks passing literally - went global - even in the art world outside of SWL, and all who knew him came to either say something on the forum or turn out in game.

His efforts for being the chaotic yet orderly lead in Megaversary paid off, because what we have now is a community who pick up that baton and run with it on their own because Mark showed them how it was done. Megaversary WAS HolloPoint and the Anniversary of community run events is because of Mark and his consistent efforts to make something that was already special to us - that extra bit more.
Thank you <3

Thank you Unsafecrayon for the wonderful memorial raffle

Raziel (With a capital L at the end not an i) Would like to add his name to the hat.

Edit: Thank you also to Andy and Vomher for honouring one of our greatest players <3


Never talked to the guy but damn he put a lot of work in. We need more people like him


Sadly, I never personally knew Hollopoint but I know he was a driving force behind the MEGAversary and I appreciate all the work he put into making this a fun event and a great community to be a part of.
I’d like to enter with Unidentified.
Thanks for the raffle and thanks for keeping the memory alive.


I would like to participate with “Rifla”

Hollopoint was and IS a part of our cabal still. Every New-year we remove players from cabal that stopped logging in for some reason. Our great cabal “mama” Katelin that was close to Hollopoint could not make herself remove him from the list. I agreed it doesnt feel right so he is staying. Though we miss him a lot I kinda like seeing his name right there on top of the list beneath the logged in players. Its hard even thinking about creating the same level of events he could dream up and create magic art that fit perfect in no time at all. I am happy that others also create events still and love to see the imagination and that Funcom also step up to help when asked. He loved giving back to community so love to see him being appreciated still. Ty for the fun and the art that is still with us

I still keep a stack of flamin hot tacos on me !!


I would like to enter the raffle as BlackSwordman.

I rarely met him in game, so I didn’t really know him well, but we met we always had a few words and asked how each other was doing. That was enough for me to know he was a good person. :cry:


I enter as Fenrir.

I knew Hollo from grouping and specific events. Alas I never knew him well. This also reminds me of Madlyric who was also so much involved in the community events and isn’t with us anymore.


My entry is for hylonomus. I will never forget how much he contributed to the community, with his art, ideas and passion.


its such a bitter sweet anniversary each year knowing that hollopoint left us in the run up to the event he put so much hard work into
its always been my favourite event due to all the player content that has happened around this time and hollo played a massive part in that

ive had the good fortune to win a boone dossier in other anniversary events so im going to just wish good luck to everyone else


Oh Hollo… I dont care about stuff to get, just here to tell a story about Hollo I knew.

The first time I met HolloPoint was in Stonehenge battle, TSW PvP. Me and my Cabal mates from “Detachment 4”, all Finn Cabal, were short of one guy ( premade of course :slight_smile: ) and one of us knew Hollo. He asked Hollo to join and he came. I was pretty nasty reflect Tank those days, but after feeling the warmth of Hollo’s Blood healing, I was amazed. That day I was thinking a career of PvP healer, to be one of the best. Don’t know did I “did it” but journey was great.

There were era when major PvP Cabals were crumpling and PvP went more like premades and Templars were steamrolled. Especially in Fusang, and I got an idea to put up a Templar hub for coordinated events. Few players tried it before, but I wanted to try again. “Red Means Death” was created and Hollopoint was one of the first players to join. Oh man did we have fun! :slight_smile:

When HolloPoint died, I went trough my screenshots to find anything with him. I found one… all “business” when business started!

HolloPoint was pretty active member in old TSW Forums too. There are loads of his artwork there… and you might find the angry version of him in PvP Forum too :smiley:

Here’s the linkie to HolloPoints Graphic Novel from old TSW Forum:

Something personal… I still have our Discord chat saved. Last message he send me was this:

“clucking bell, be safe, Sawo”

Clucking bell Hollo… clucking bell…


I never got to know Hollopoint the way so many others got to know him but I remember him from back in TSW and ofc SWL for his amazing contributions to the community, from the wonderful events to his amazing artwork. How deeply he affected the lives of so many people became evident when the sad news of his passing were posted here 2 years ago. Very close friends of mine were heartbroken. And even after Hollo’s passing he made sure, to leave something behind for them they hold dearly.

For me, it was also a very sad day, despite not knowing him well. Not only because of losing someone so engaged with and loved by the community or witnessing the grief of so many, but also because one of US has transitioned to another plane of existence. And he was one of us bees.

I’ll attach some pictures of our Hollopoint farewell where we stood in silence to remember him. We stood there with sadness and grief but, I think, most of all we stood there with LOVE which connects us all and is the most powerful force in existence. May this love accompany Hollopoint, his family and friends and us on their/our way.

Thank you Hollopoint for all you’ve done and whenever I hear “Warning Call” from CHVRCHES I think of you. :slight_smile:

I’d like to enter the raffle forr Liopard-dubh.


An example of the kind of real social networking that builds community and keeps games such as this one alive.

o7 from Hengist (main character)


He made my bar and will have angel status on my discord until I dont have a discord.
Thanks UC \o


i didnt knew him personally but i know he was a great person and comitted for the community may he rest in peace

name enter : Tomeee


I’ll pass on the contest, but I can’t pass on the chance to remember HolloPoint - a good friend and I miss him.