Merci HolloPoint, Jimmy et tous / Thank you HolloPoint, Jimmy and all

bonsoir tout le monde

ce topic pour remercier les organisateurs et surtout l’organisateur principal qui est HolloPoint

Merci à vous pour toutes ses sorties, pour les mB’s, pour les shambala, pour Rosenbraum et d’autres sorties car l’évent du 3 ième anniversaire n’est pas encore fini, reste encore une quinzaine de jours, hi hi!

Je me suis vraiment vraiment bien amusé à Rosenbraum, oh oui, j’ai bien ri, je n’arrivais plus à appuyer sur les touches de mon clavier tellement que je riais, hi hi!
Je mourai très vite mais ça me faisait rire très fort, hi hi!

Pour Shambala, oh lala… pareil, j’arrivais plus à appuyer sur les touches tellement que je riais, hi hi!

Merci à vous!
Merci HolloPoint, Jimmy the Rabbit, les nine sword, les legio fulminata, la League of monster slayer, etc etc etc

Good evening everyone

this topic to thank the organizers and especially the main organizer who is HolloPoint

Thank you to you for all its outings, for the mB’s, for the shambala, for Rosenbraum and other outings because the event of the 3 rd anniversary is not yet over, still remains a fortnight, hi hi!

I really had a lot of fun in Rosenbraum, oh yes, I laughed a lot, I couldn’t press the keys on my keyboard so much that I laughed, hi hi!
I died very quickly but it made me laugh very hard, hi hi!

For Shambala, oh lala … similar, I couldn’t press the keys so much that I laughed, hi hi!

Thank you!
Thank you HolloPoint, Jimmy the Rabbit, the nine sword, the legio fulminata, the League of monster slayer, etc etc etc



Somehow the English translation makes me smile more then if it were said in native English :slight_smile: Very great to see all the community involvement thus far! Most of the events I could make it to thus far had an awesome turnout. Participated in over 50 Shambala matches during the Shambala event. Much thanks to the organizers and community for making it all possible.


Thank you for your thankyou! Hearing that so many people are having fun this event sure encourages me to keep being involved.

I am seeing the same people by my side each WB fight and getting lots of very positive messages - we still have a whole week of events left and our organising falls right on its ■■■■ if people don’t show up :smiley: so keep turning up, and keep having fun!!! <3


Many thanks for you post, Manga and multiple thanks for your words :smiley:

The MEGAversary is a community effort, I play my part because I like to do the pictures and so on, others organise and carry out events I simply would not be able to do! So in truth (although we’re not finished with the MEGA run) praise be to ALL the organisers and contributors, particularly YOU Manga, with all the items you donated :slight_smile: MEGA respects for that :slight_smile:

I was wavering on participating this year, like I do every year but… all I can say is… For The Future!

I hope everyone enjoyed the events and feels that there is a future for this game we all love. This is the best community in a game I have encountered and so… special thanks to everyone who took part.

You are all made of MEGA.


Yes, Thank you HolloPoint for all you do. :smiley:
It quite simply wouldn’t be MEGA, without you.
Here’s to the future!
TO SWL! :templar: :lumie: :dragon:
May Cthulhu bless her and all who sail in her.