Hollopoint Farewell

I am sorry to tell you that Hollopoint (MARK) has passed away, he left us on Friday.
He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and brain tumors, although we don’t know if this was the cause of his death.

I would like to tell you this game his cabal and people ingame was a big part of his life and brought him joy.

So thank you all for sharing time with my friend Mark Hollopoint.


Rest in peace, Hollo, you will be missed.

Will there be an in-game celebration of his life? Or something kind of gathering?


Iv’e known Mark for Seven years , pvp’d together in TSW, journeyed together in our roles in the secret world book series, my heart is heavy tonight, i can’t quite believe it, thinking of all Marks family & friends both in game & out tonight.

Good night Hollo my friend, my fellow Scot, you will be truly missed by all that knew you :cry:


I’m at a loss for words. Mark was a good guy and had so much passion for this game I could hardly keep up with his works. One needs to only look at the effort he put in to every Anniversary event, The artwork for the Books of Blodwedd Mallory, the stories and art for Nine Swords and beyond MoM and SWL. I valued Mark’s skillful way in which he helped organise the first two Megaversary events, with his continued input he made a challenge seem like a breeze.

We shared many a joke together in game, often it was only he and I that could understand them and a select few scots due to the nature of the humour.

Mark “Hollopoint” Innes - what a legacy you leave. Finding the right words, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Rest in peace my friend.


Oh no. This is awful news. We were in the same Cabal since the early days of TSW and friends on Twitter for almost as long too. I’m very saddened to hear this. RIP HolloPoint. You will be missed.


This is so sad…
I didn’t know HolloPoint as much as many other people but since TSW he was an important part of our community. There is so much he did for all of us in many different ways and that alone immortalized him.
The love he put into his artwork and the events will always be dear to me. And even if I didn’t know him that well personally, he was a part of our small community and therefor family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mark HolloPoint’s family and friends, be it in “real” life or in-game.

Rest in peace Mark. Gus am bris an latha.


I don’t know what to say.

When I first joined TSW years ago, I ended up in HolloPoint’s guild. I was a hopeless, friendless beginner, and I felt like giving up. Then he gave up lots of his playing time helping me find my feet. I found out about his artwork later, and always looked forward to seeing his new works.

A terrible loss of such a kind and creative person.

RIP, HolloPoint. I’ll never be able to think of The Secret World without thinking about you.


RIP Hollo, you were one of the best things in The Sevret World.


Aw man, I’ve not played in years but I always enjoyed my time playing with Hollo. I’ll miss him lots :frowning:


What sad news to start the week with.

My condolences to all of his friends, family and cabal mates.


My heart sinks by this news…

Thank you so much for everything you have done for the community <3
Bon voyage, like we say in France.


So sad to hear this. Such a positive, talented guy, and always quick with a cheery welcoming shout when logging in. I’ll miss him. My sympathies to his family and friends.


RIP Hollo… sad news. :disappointed_relieved:


I am without words to describe how sorry I am to hear the news. Mark was my friend and I had hoped one day to meet him in person. I can’t begin to tell you how kind, capable, sensitive thoughtful, smart, talented, and generally wonderful I found him to be as I’ve come to know him in the last few years as we’ve collaborated on the book covers. I’m still stunned and saddened to hear he’s gone. To his family and friends in life and game who are equally devastated, I’m so sorry for your loss. :sob:

Go with love and light, Mark. You will be missed. :broken_heart:


Oh my… this is a shock. Hollo just sent me something thee other day for Megaversary.

I’ll talk to Father Duffy about having something in Hollo’s honor for Fight Club.

Hollo you’ll be missed. Part of me hopes this a horrible prank.


TY For the years and my bar surprise Hollo you will be beyond greatly missed…
Also I am so proud even though it was a fight to get you to raid :wink:


Hollo was my inspiration in TSW PvP…

I become PvP Healer mainly because he was so awesome doing it, when I met him first time in Stonehenge when he kept my gimpy Glance Tank alive.

Later we become friends and we had fun healing as a pair in El Dorado.
What a team we were… Red Means Death!

I will miss our time in TeamSpeak… especially when you used to say: “Tonight we will dine some Dragon meat”. Good times brother, thank you.

You will be missed… :frowning:


didnt personally know hollopoint but certainly was aware of his participation for the community and his commitment to it and everything he was doing.

Very sad new , rest in peace man


my condolences with all that were close to hollopoint
he was defiantly a big part of all the player content and will leave a big hole
rest in peace


My condolences to his family. It’s very sad to loose such a gifted and kind person.
Rest in peace, you will be missed.