The Return to Outpost 94 - A Graphic Render Novel by HolloPoint


Hi from HolloPoint first of all. I’m very happy that Funcom have decided to create their own SWL forums, so I’m now posting something that I worked on last year. It’s a graphic render Novel started in TSW, but adapted and completed just before SWL hit.

These are some of the things I was working on for ODO and myself, this Novel was done using 3D rendering, specifically DAZ Studio.

A bit of a background:

I started to get into 3D “stuff” coming up on a year ago… first buying a few models and grumbling at the cost,… then the ball started rolling and, well, one model led to more. much much more. I decided, in short, to do a sort of CGI Graphic Novel type attempt. What follows is the first effort in the genre. I have also completed the follow up Novel “A Helluva Point” which I’ll post in a few days.

The story for “The Return to Outpost 94” was an offshoot of a RP story line we tried with ODO, which was the theft of the ODO Sigil, entrusted to ODO from times way back. It did not get far, TSW was kinda in it’s death throws at the time… so rather than go even more insane with boredom… I decided on “The Return To Outpost 94”.

It’s pretty primitive, but hopefully acceptable enough for inclusion in these forums. I learned a lot by doing, which was another point of this exercise.

The beginning of the story was a meeting with the head of Templar Inquisitions after HolloPoint objected to an investigation by the Inquisitors into the theft of the ODO Cross. Mr Sabastian, the Chief Inquisitor, had HolloPoint banished to Outer Mongolia to a deserted outpost (Outpost 94) to fix a local anima well. Well, this is the stand alone story-line I came up with (over considerable volumes of beer).

Special thanks to SWL Roleplay Forums for hosting this Novel up until now, cheers folks, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

I hope it entertains you all suitably. The complete Story is now up :slight_smile: Feel free to comment at the end.

Best Respects


P.S. There is a bit of blood and violence, but not too much and well, a fair amount of swarey words, but all in good jest for the most part :slight_smile:


A bit of a pre-story to the main Novel coming…

HolloPoint growled, throwing his travel items into his rucksack… “Outer Mongolia… Outer ■■■■■■■ Mongolia…” he muttered. He heard a cough a the door. “You know talking to yourself is a sign of insanity Mr Quint”. Without even looking up, Hollo knew who it was, The Head Inquisitor.

“Hello Mr Sabastian” he said without raising his head, “I was expecting the pleasure”.

“Quite” the Inquisitor replied.

Hollo’s fingers danced lighty on the hilt of his 2000 year old Katana then settled on the bottle of TemplarFast
on his desk. He sat back into his chair, twisted the cap off the bottle and poured himself a shot. The liquid
steamed and hissed slightly as it hit the glass.

For the first time Hollo settled his gaze on the man before him. Exactly what you would expect, tall, thin,
well dressed, with ornate cane, top hat, gaunt featured and piercing eyes. The look of a man well used
to dismantling lesser beings just with his gaze.

“We heard of your little … forray into Templar Hall and we read your… ahem… email to your members” the Inquistor said. “Not exactly appreciated, but it was expected.” “Mind if I sit?” He sat down in the chair opposite Hollo, without waiting for an answer, balancing his cane on the desk in front of him. The handle was slightly loosened, showing the steel of the sword concealed inside.

“We understand your reluctance to assist us in this matter, but you have to understand that an ancient relic
of such nature going missing,… well it just does not look very good for your Cabal.”

Hollo’s sat back into his chair and slowly raised the glass to his lips. His eyes narrowed “How our Guardian was by-passed is under internal investigation… we will have the results shortly”.

“Not good enough” the Inquisitor snapped, his eyes flairing, then more gently he proceeded “we decided
that our best people should assist you with this investigation. It would be in your best interests to allow
them free and … unfettered access to your Organization”.

“They will be accorded every courtesy Mr Sabastian” Hollo said, slowly standing up. He turned to the log fire,
warmed his hands,then slowly turned back. “You have to understand, of course that should this investigation
take any ill-advised paths, then we, ourselves, might have to proceed with a few inquiries of our own.”

Sabastian started to speak, Hollo wave him into silence with a dismissive gesture.

“Excuse me, I need to check on something before I leave…” Hollo’s finger hit the intercom. “Miss MoneyCross, have the results of the Cry o-resuscitation come through yet?” Hollo’s gaze snapped back to the man before him. He grinned ever so slightly at the wince that travelled across the face of Sabastian.

“Not yet Mr Quint, we are still going through stage 2.” came the reply from the speaker unit.

“Keep me advised Miss MoneyCross, thank you”.

“Yeeess Mr Quint” Sabastian hissed “we had heard of your, precipitous actions. This step was entirely
unnecessary.” Sabastian moved uncomfortably in his chair, his hand reaching unconsciously for the sword cane, then returned to the arm of the his chair when he saw the grin widen on Hollo’s face, as he stood innocently examining his still scabbard-ed katana.

“Gritt and Grannitte, my, my… we did not realise the program was still going… after that last… unpleasantness.”

“We do not abandon such loyal members, Mr Sabastian… a precaution only, I’m sure you understand.”

“We decided it was time for them to see the sights of the newest age, I’m sure they would marvel
at humanities progress and of course at how much the Templars have come forward”.

Sabastian grimaced “Evolution? Overrated, Mr Quint”.

“But not Gritt and Grannitte’s prowess I think, Mr Sabastian” Hollo retorted.

Sabastian scowled.

“However things are to carry on from now, Mr Sabastian, we are prepared for all eventualities,
just to be sure, that any of your,… associates… misunderstand this, there may be …unfortunate
consequences. Witch hunts are, for sure, a thing of the past, no?”

Sabastian smiled slightly, then slowly rose to his feet. “All good things come to those who are wise
Mr Quint, a pleasure talking with you”.

“Be sure your secure areas are secure, we would not want anything unexpected to occur.”

Sabastian carefully placed his top hat back on his head, picked up his cane and turned to the doors
of Hollo’s office. He began to walk out, then slowly turned back “Enjoy your trip to Khuder Mr
Quint, we thought you could use the holiday, such stress being a Grand Master of course” .

“Arbiter of the Council, Mr Sabastian.”

“Quite” Sabastian said again, another slight scowl on his visage. He turned away again and then
slowly walked out the double doors.

“Hollo’s eyes burned a hole in the back of the Inquisitor as he left… ”Bloody interfering,
backstabbing… double talking,… grrr,… grrrr, Mc Grrrr” he muttered.

“Oh well, at least the Arkhi is tasty”.

Hollo whistled tunelessly as he finished his packing.


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