HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


Hey again folks. Just thought I’d start to post some of my 2D and 3D art, related to SWL. I did post some of this on the old TSW forums, but since the advent of the new Forums I thought I’d bring in some of the better images.

Later on I go all out 3D more or less.

I’ll try not to overload things, 'cause I have a fair few images to post :slight_smile:


“Shades of Italbar - More Steps Beyond”:

Done about two years ago I think. Second picture I tried after moving to Photoshop from Serif Drawplus X 8.

This one is due for a 3D makeover and update :smile:


“World Three - The Neurosphere”:

Another older Image done about two years ago.


“Lightning Temple - Into The Clear”:

Another old image.

“Reflections on the Lightning Temple”:

This one is a recent update on the image just above, using 3D rendering in part and then compositing it all together.


“Illuminati Cyberpunk”:

Getting dangerous in downtown Kaidan.

A recent Image as of this posting. Click to see full size.


“The Path of the Old Ones”:

New Image as of this posting. Click to see full size.


“Illuminati Cyberpunk”:

I was trying for the first time to get a Cyberpunkie type image with this one, it’s a few months old. (Click for bigger size). First in three of “The Faction Images”.


“A Dragon in New Tokyo”:

Although I knew about the “rule of thirds” I never really defined it in my mind. I got an instruction vid from DAZ with explanation of it and a few other tips, so I tried this one. Second of “The Faction Images”. (Click For Larger Size). I’m one for “if there are rules, don’t follow them.” :slight_smile:


“Templar Knight: Karen Runch”:

Last of “The Faction Images”. For now lol. I got a “God-ray” package, I was testing it out with smokey light through the hall windows. (Click For Bigger Size).


“Illuminati Cyberpunk and Botmoto”:

Botmoto is the name of the bike model. (Click For Full Image Size).


“The Faction Fighters”:

Sorry, could not resist :wink: (Again… zzzzz… click for full size).


“Geary Kaidan: Fridays Child”:

This one I’m imagining the Illuminati “Handler”, Kirsten Geary, cruising Kaidan for, whatever purposes :stuck_out_tongue: It’s an older image before I got some of the post-work processing procedures down a bit better.

Based on the Robert Henilein book cover “Friday”.

This bike should be blue, but I’d gone through a four hour render to get the basis of the image, wasn’t going to do another four hours :smile:

(Click For Full Size)


“Mech Killing”:

Another older one but where I started getting a bit more used to the post-working of images, I also got a few more brushes for Photoplop :slight_smile:

(Click For Full Size)


“Cthulhu in London”:

Older image again.

(Click For Full Size)

Edit: As a Scot, sorry, I have to say… Righteous :slight_smile:


All of these are really good. I truly love the first few with the surreal aspect to them.


Thanks, Schrodember :smile:

I did or do have a few more of the surrealist ones, but they are kinda half way houses from the original 2D Photoshop images into 3D. I’m trying to update a few at the moment. I was told I should go more into the “Psychic-delic” (as I call them) images. I’ll post one I’ve nearly “fixed” in a bit.


those are really nices artworks ^^ i will use some of them as wallpaper (specially the path of the old ones)


Cheers Bassed, if you want a link to larger image size, just let me know.



This was another very, very early 2D Photo-shopped image, I was just getting familiarized with the package, coming out of Serif Drawplus X8. Based on a much older Serif created image, which was based on a pencil drawing I did really, really ages ago.

This is the updated “Psychic-Delic” version I was promising or threatening with :wink:

“The Dark Leviathan Arrives”.

(Click for Full Image Size)

It’s different from, and in my opinion a lot better than the image just above. Just all around more cohesive/proficient. 3D elements and a lot of Photo-shopping to combine it all. Still a way to go though in terms of professionalism, but I’m happy with this update.

Edit: Maybe a bit too “busy” now I’m seeing it posted, lol.


“Time and Space”:

Another very, very early and pretty basic 2D Photoshop image. Blergh. So I updated it considerably to-

“Time and Space: Gaia and Excalibur”:

(Click Image for Bigger Size)

Another of the surreal ones, I might update it in a bit if what I call the “Artist Goggles” wear off :slight_smile: This usually happens when I take a few hours away from looking at the image, coming back and going blergh :smile: