Tom Cray's SWL sketches :)


Just a few quick sketches I’ve done lately about SWL. some of them were made a few months ago, and some others were made these last days :slight_smile:




Your portraits look fantastic, and I adore your sillier pieces. These are all glorious. :mankini:


thank you! :smiley: I’ll keep posting some new ones i make :wink:


They are all great, the portraits are very well done, expressive :slight_smile:


A new quick drawing I did today, en evolved shade in moon bog! :smiley:


added a suffering soul too now.


I think I never uploaded my coloration…well now that is fixed


thank you!! I loved how you colored that one <3


a Gaki! :smiley:


Loving your work - especially those first 3 pictures :+1:


Here are a few new ones too!