SWL drawings (by Jess)

Oh well. I’m not really sure what to write here.
Hello? I have some pictures to share with you. Sad part I’m person of many ideas but not so many actual drawings but I have what I have. (:

Context for next one (:

You can see more of old stuff on my Tumblr or try to find the same stuff on Twitter

P.S. Fanart tag please? :upside_down_face:



I love how my tweet evolved though other peolpe’s brains :smiley:

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The platypus picture reminded me of an episode in the latest Twin Peaks series . . .

WOW! What a great job Jess!
I am a fan, I had no idea you were into fanart even less such a good artist.
I love both the Ak’Ab and the Flappy, can’t wait to see more of Platypus :smiley:

I just have to keep holding back on asking him to create us content… because I keep reading on Twitter that he doesn’t like it when people do that. But The Sword’s Edge would be so so much more awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like your stuff, and I especially like the platypus. My wife and I both LOL’d over that one. :slightly_smiling_face:

A Sword’s Edge with Jess’ graphics? Awesomeness would overflow :grin:

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Hey, I remember seeing some of these on twitter. :smiley: They’re all delightful! You have such a nice, clean style, and an excellent sense of the mass of things! :heart: (That…sounds kinda weird now that I type it out. :sweat_smile: I mean, um…I personally have issues with things looking kinda flat sometimes? And you not only made everything look 3d via both your coloring and lineart, but also have things physically interacting, which can be tough.)

And regarding ideas vs. output, you have my sympathies. I also have a backlog of ideas I’d love to do, but haven’t yet… >_>

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Gtrea work Jess, I’m really liking the style and the humour :slight_smile:

@Nordavind haha thanks to you for your tweet. :heart:

@Ezraell oh thank you. :О

@Katelin wait I didn’t wrote anything like this! Did I? Ehh… It’s not like I’m against the idea, you are my cabal after all, not some random strangers. :heart: I’d be happy to participate once in a while, just both of us need to keep in mind that I have other things to do. :unamused: I guess we can discuss it somewhere in more private space. (:

@Mel-Addams oh, thanks a lot, I’m happy to read it! :heart::heart:

@HolloPoint, @Skald thanks! :heart:

@Skald (whispers) Can this topic have proper art/fanart tag, please, I guess it needs one? I don’t see one in a list and I have some hopes on it on this forum. :О


We’re working on it. I’ll get it tagged as soon as I can.


I’ve posted it on twitter already with tags and stuff so to not duplicate things over forum I post it here.

I love Amir dearly and just couldn’t not to. :kissing:


Awesome as usually! I love it.
But a hint: at first I tought the text bubble was Amir talking and got me confused.
I had to reread it a few times, then look closely to see it was you saying the words and not Amir talking.


@Ezraell thanks a lot! Did you try to read preview or full version? Because only problem I see that tail is less noticeable on preview but it seems fine on full size. :thinking:


I like very much how you play on disparities in your drawings; like making the scene of butchering a Flappy cute as hell.
Same here with a preasumabely creepiness coming from a clingy stalker and yet it is so cute.
And attenists! How can anyone dislike someone that wants to burn atenists? Or else ? Ehmmm … yeah.

It also says a lot about you! I would have never used "Just work with me! […] (Please.)"
I’m more into “Work FOR me” as in “You’d better cut the slack and work for me … I have your dossier” :smiley:
But sure, that is you :grin:

Yes, I only viewed the preview. It is better on the fullscale version :slight_smile:


It is better on the fullscale version

Good to know. :heart:
As for “with/for me” - it’s just my thinking about Amir motivation and ‘you, ape’ part, I don’t think he’d agreed at all if you’d say ‘for’. So that’s part of conspiration, he never should know he’s just underling! :grimacing:


And here’s my new headcanon after watching my agents.


Lol, Jess, Asb, est and os the cats… nice :slight_smile:


That was quick! Great work!