SWL drawings (by Jess)


Tokyo and bees. :>


Also this:

…I feel so gravely lazy when it comes to writing in English anything longer than sentence.
Well, not too long ago I just realized I want a partner to my chara so I’ve made this oni. He has no name yet and who knows if I ever will come up with any actual story about those two. So far I can tell they share their love to swords and literature as well as common languages that were main reason they’ve spoke with each other first time.


I’m really fond of your work :heart::heart:

keep it up !





Yay Carter! That’s great.


Let’s talk about Russians.

Oleg Yablokov.


Father Lucian.
Have I ever told you how much I love Lucians’s blue eyes? cough But where’s his accent. Where was he before this year in small village to learn how to speak properly. Also here’s cruel truth for my character not speaking in game!


Oleg Konstantinov (not on picture actually) :open_hands:
Oh, wait. You can be immortal bee for all you know but you won’t forget your stereotypes and old fears. And he would freak out with that FSB agent as well I just haven’t his dossier yet. :unamused:


Whom did I miss? :thinking:


Such a shame this meme became a thing 2 years after game release, I think it’s biggest missed opportunity of Funcom ever.

For those who doesn’t understand a joke: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/end-him-rightly


LOL Amir is such a jerk! But he’s one of my favorites, I can’t help it. :grin:


He can be rude but he cares, that’s what matters!




New stuff.

Just because I wanted to draw this.





Not sure where else to write it. :thinking: I’ve made a twitter account for screenshots and am going to use it for some RP with myself - at least anyone wanna join. It’s in Russian because it’s native language of the character and also the language that those whom he address most of his tweets to speak also. Of course he won’t mind talking with anyone but they have to have good explanation how the hell they found him. :male_detective:
Said account: https://twitter.com/Digital_Wraith

(it would be just too much for Great Screenshot thread :smiley: )




Picture for SnS Creative Competition. Cut because gore.



Yikes! Excellent :slight_smile:


( commission of SWL character ^^ )


Let me introduce you most amazing man in the world! He manages to get his work done having several cats in the office! :cat2:


loving all of these! I need to make some SWL art myself too XD we need more of it in general