SWL Doodle Corner (ft. Crys)


I’ve been playing TSW/SWL since 2013 and drew a good chunk of art for it since 2014 but I’ve never really been part of the community all that much (mostly lurking). I figured this would be a good place to post fanart for the game that I make from time to time.

I also post SWL content on Tumblr (art and memes together) and Twitter (which also features more than just SWL content)

Currently I have a lot of my characters but some of them are just backgrounds of locations I love and heck, maybe I’ll draw an official NPC!

I hope you all enjoy!

Probably one of the first digital pieces I drew for the game? I don’t exactly remember.


I believe this is based off the Enemy of my Enemy mission with the Ak’ab Abyss? Those glowing mushrooms left an impression on me


At one point I was working on character profiles for the characters I have in game but it never came to fruition. But I did finish one of them. This is Saoirse “SaoSao” Quincy, a Dragon Agent.


I really loved the view of your character approaching the edge and having to choose between the gift or not the first time you visit the Dreaming Ones so I attempted to paint it. I fell in love with the background so much that I kept it like this and didn’t add the character. I might go back and do another one of these some day!



I also do pixel art! This is from 2016 but I do want to do more work like this in the future, see how I’ve improved in that style of art!

You guys might have seen both of these artworks on the stream today but I also wanna post them here! I was super happy to get my ultimate ability in SWL after not getting them in TSW so I doodled something out since I was mesmerized by how pretty they looked. So glad I did!


Also a slight spoiler for new content so I’m blurring it out for now: but Saoirse sitting infront of an undisclosed location in New Dawn :wink:


THESE ARE GORGEOUS. How have I not seen your art before?!? Oh wait, this is a new thread.



Hi, welcome to the small but rabid TSW/SWL art community. :rofl:


Aahahaha thank you so much!! I’m glad to be part of this small, rabid community :joy:

I’ve been very quiet in terms of sharing my art for this game but I hope to change that! This game gives me excuses to play with lighting after all. :+1:

And yes, more art soon™. I can’t wait to also see more of your work as well :pray:

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Really nicely done Crystia :slight_smile: Great ideas and nicely executed. Bring it on! (The pictures :slight_smile: )

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Crystia, your art is beautiful! Please keep it up, I’d love to see more of your work! :grinning:

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Oooh, I LOVE the duality in the first piece! It looks so neat. :smiley: Her hair turned to tentacles and the filth growing up the page are great. I really love your Dreaming Prison piece, too–you captured the eerie, hypnotizing atmosphere perfectly.

Your wee pixel gif is super cute, and I can’t wait to see more! I saw your last two pieces on twitter–congrats on your wings, and great job with both! The pose and energy in the first is excellent, and the lighting in the second is so nice. I love all the glowy-ness. :sparkles:

Glad you’ve shared your stuff with us, and excited to see more! :heart:

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@HolloPoint Thank you so much! I too find you have some very interesting ideas for pics! I’m glad you think the same of my work!

@Skald Thank you so so much! I’ll try to keep doing my best :muscle:

@Mel-Addams Thank you for taking so much time to go through my work! tbh I’m very surprised by my past self when it comes to the early works with the filth duality (I wanna say that was…late 2013? Man it’s been awhile). I also look forward to maybe some more pixel work in the future!

Spoilers for Dawn of the Morninglight…but during the mission chain I got to one point at the end and the scenery was so striking along with what else came with it that it stuck in my mmind as something I’d wanna make art of later.


Saoirse was actually taken off guard by what she heard and saw that night haha.

And also, like the Dreaming Prison, I loved the background so much I saved a version with just the environment so here y’all go:


I guess at some point I should give a small blurb on the character that keeps popping up in my fanart, but for now enjoy that pretty void :smiley: