#FanArtFridays Are Back!

Presented by Beyond the Veil podcast and sponsored by Funcom, we are happy to announce the resurrection of TSW Fan Art Fridays - SWL style!

Every week we will be showcasing some of the fantastic art that you, our community, have created. We want to make sure your creative juices flow as free as possible, so while sometimes there will be a prompt, sometimes there will be none and you will be able to submit any kind of SWL art you may have created.

We are looking for original submissions, so if you’ve submitted or published something already, you are unable to submit it again. You also need to be the original creator of the artwork submitted.

So how will this work?
To enter, you need to submit your entry to us. You can do so by doing one of the following:

  1. Posting it in this forum thread
  2. Tweet it to us @beyondtsw using #FanArtSWL

Each submission must contain your in game character name.

Every week we will vote on our favorites (usually from 1 to 3 entries). Those favorites will be entered into a monthly draw. Monthly draws will take place in the first week of the following month (for example: March winner will be announced the first week of April).

Winner and runner up of the monthly draw will have a chance to win various amazing prizes. These prizes will vary from month to month, but could range from a Mythic outfit or pet to Agent booster packs, imbuers and catalysts. Prizes will be announced prior to monthly voting taking place.

So you just don’t want to miss this! Keep an eye out on this thread and our social media for announcements of potential weekly prompts :slight_smile :slight_smile:


In celebration of the newly released Agent Network and as part of #FanArtSWL, we are hosting a little contest. To find out more, please check out this thread.


Crowned Monthly Fanart Winners:
April 2018: Hollopoint
July 2018: [To Be Announced :open_mouth: ]

FanArtSWL Agent Inspired Art Winners:

FanArtSWL Writing Contest Winners:

Omg! I was away too long! I’d love to participate!

No worries, we’ll always have more contests in the future.

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