MEGAversary 2 Art Contest!

This is to announce the opening of the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo Art Contest!

As of this date, running until 8th July 23.59 British Summer Time, we are asking for submissions of Art based on Secret World Legends! This can be anything, drawn or 3D rendered, painted and so on :slight_smile:

There can be only one entry per person, but were are giving away massive prizes for this event, so get your artist Berets on and flash out some wonders!

Post your art work below in JPG format, max size is 2.9 MB for the highest quality, but as long as it’s not a pixelated mess (unless that is what you are portraying!) it will be judged fairly by our panel of highly qualified experts.

The prizes are:

1st Prize: 1 Elaborate Glyph Inbuer (Bloomin’ 'eck!), New Years Dragon Pet and 10 Red Kaidan Keys!
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, 1 Crown of Hel.
3rd Prize: 40 Purple Kaidan Keys, 1 Crown of Hel.

Can you do it, Michaelangello’s?

Edit: Be within the realms of common decency with your entries please!


In addition to the above prizes, Funcom have kindly provided us with this T-Shirt for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners:


This T-Shirt has never been handed out in SWL, they must be b-b-barking mad!

We’ll get the prizes to the winners as soon as possible after the event has been judged.

I see that it is nowhere specified that the NSFW is not allowed …
Great ! I will finally be able to participate in something!


Oh dear.

I want to see that @Bozkoal

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Here’s my entry!
Featuring my character Dan “Watchman” Rodriguez
Made as a postcard advertising the Overlook Motel


Can I assume that the art submissions can be posted here? ;o

Yes, Leafdream.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I’m scared to enter :wink: NOICE JOB!

Is animation allowed? And how to enter with it…can’t save animation as JPG…at least not if it should move.

Sure Leogrim, animations are allowed.


Not a picture, but I figured I’d share in case people might enjoy my version of fan art.


Odd, I tried to share a piece of art I made for this contest, but I get the message “Sorry, new users cannot upload images.” I’m not a new user and I’ve uploaded images before, most recently for my trivia contest thread just a few weeks ago. Anyone else have this problem?

Not sure what’s going on there, Nytha… strange… you could try contacting a Forum admin?

So, turns out complaining in the support section worked after all. I can now officially add my submission to the art contest:



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Zombicide Special Edition: Secret World Legends - The Gatekeeper :slight_smile:

Miniatures 1:60 Bees are characters from Zombicide modern; the Gatekeeper was created with DAZStudio and realized with a 3D printer. All painted by me. See you ingame, Eisvogel


Secret World the miniatures game. Why is this not already a thing?

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Here’s my submission! Featuring a number of Dragons from the Cabal I’m a part of, including agents “Terracotta”, “solpuella”!


It’d be great. But I would also be satisfied with a shop for 3D files of the monsters to perfect my own variant of Zombicide SWL.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: