MEGAversary 2 Art Contest!

Wonderful work from everybody so far!

Here’s my attempt:


I can’t draw for toffee, But i sure can photoshop
“Help me Obi Wan Kenobi” . . .


The Art contest is now… Closed!! Judgement day in about 8 hours or so :slight_smile:

So, just to say thanks to everyone for putting in the effort, all the entries are very much appreciated, all have their own merrits. Unfortunately it comes down to judging three, but ‘dems da’ rules :slight_smile:

I’ve been jumping back and forth all night, some of the morning, and have reached the decisions:

1ST Prize: Relevancies - New Years Dragon, 1 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer 10 Red Kaidan Keys
2ND Prize: Nautilus - 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, 1 Crown of Hel, 30 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments
3RD Prize: Nytha - 40 Purple Kaidan Keys, 1 Crown of Hel

I will keep an eye out for the winners in game, to deliver prizes, or contact me if you see me :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone for a great contest and very much thanks to all who entered and put in their fine work. That’s it for the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo for this year! (Except for the most Devious ARG from Vomher) :slight_smile:


@Relevancies If you could PM me with your in game name please, I’ll get the prizes sorted, especailly the gift from Funcom of the New Years Faction coloured Dragon :slight_smile:

Grats to winners! \o/
Also grats for people who managed to finish their work in time, I personally failed my duty here. :neutral_face:

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No problems, Jess… it just would have been nice to see what you came up with :slight_smile: There is perhaps next year :slight_smile:

I sure will finish it earlier. D: I’ll post it here once I finish! In 1-2 weeks. I think. ._.

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Like I predicted, no time cause of baby (I couldn’t even get started). :joy: Hopefully the next contest! If I ever get the chance to do it I’ll post here.

Congrats! Loved seeing everyone’s work.

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