MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door - Art Contest!

This is to announce the opening of the MEGAversary The Fourht Age Doorl Art Contest!

As of this date, running until 14th July 23.59 British Summer Time, we are asking for submissions of Art based on Secret World Legends! This can be anything, drawn or 3D rendered, painted and so on, related to SWL or Moons of Madness :slight_smile:

There can be only one entry per person and there will be some excellent prizes for this event. Can you “Sistine” some enthuisiasm? It’s time to get your berets on and splash out some ART :slight_smile:

Post your art work below in JPG format, max size is 2.9 MB for the highest quality, but as long as it’s not a pixelated mess (unless that is what you are portraying!) it will be judged fairly by our panel of highly qualified experts.

Edit: Animations are more than welcome, just post the link to your creations below and we can watch in awe :slight_smile:

Prizes for the Art Contest are yet to be decided.

Can you do it, Tentacle-avagio’s?

Be within the realms of common decency with your entries please!


1st Prize: New Years Dragon, 1 Rocketeer’s Pack, 10 Red Kaidan Keys, 40 Resplendent Talisman Fragments
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, 30 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments
3rd Prize: 40 Purple Kaidan Keys 20 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments

There may be some finalization to these prizes.


bumping up! Get your entries in now.