MEGAversary 4: The Fourth Age Door - Coming in June!

Just to let you know, there will be a MEGAversary 4, coinciding with the Funcom Celebrations for the anniversary of Secret World Legends. It will be titled “MEGAversary 4: The Fourth Age Door” :slight_smile:

This is a teaser/advert animation for the event! :slight_smile: The 4K version will be up in a few days.

Edit: There have been loads of updates. 4K is now locked n’ loaded :slight_smile:


Cannot wait to get involved again this year!! \o/


I edited again, added a lot more window lights and some reflection on some windows. I might render up for 4K but, this will take some time to do… the file is becoming a monster :slight_smile:

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Finally upgrades done, the 4K version I’ll just replace the above link with, whenever it renders and is processed by YouTube. Ptobably in a few days :slight_smile: The 1080p new version has replace the above previous version.

See you in June!

Cheers @Katelin Sorry I’ve been driven to get the updates done :slight_smile:

If anyone would like to help out just shoot me a message, you’d be more than welcome. You can check out last years MEGA at:


LoMS would be more than happy to help out. Let me know if we can do anything :slight_smile:


Many thanks, Unsafecrayon :slight_smile: I’ll let you know about the events once we flesh them out a bit, plenty of time.

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We’re beginning to ramp up for the start of the MEGAversary 4 “The Fourth Age Door”. The start date should be on 23rd of June, or there abouts.

I’ll be contacting the organisers from last year when the Calender is set. Not sure what will be added from last year, but we’ll try and make it great and a fitting celebration for the game we all love.

If anyone wants to help out, please feel free to contact me, the more prizes the merrier, although we are pretty much sorted… I hope you’ll all be there for the rise of the golden tentacle and enjoy all the festivities!

In Secret World Legends… everyone can hear you dream!

Best respect,



oh j’ai pas mal de cadeaux à offrir aux gagnants, quand tu auras la date, je te les donnerai tous…

oh i have a lot of gifts to give to the winners, when you get the date i will give them all to you…

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Many thanks, Manga… you gave a whole load last year, can’t thank you enough!

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