MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door - MEGA Boss Event Run 23th June - 6th July

From the 23th June to 6th July, spread across the length of the MEGAversary 4 community event you’ll all have the chance to wipe them out… all of them :slight_smile: We will organize this near to each Euro and US prime time as possible for the maximum level of “squishing”. The actual times will listed on the Calenders for the event when they are set up. This should be soon.

Nine Swords, Agnito and Legio Fulminata have generously decided to help out with this event run!


Putting myself in the “I can do that” category if any of the leading Cabals need a Tank or Healer for their MEGA runs, or if they need a break just msg and I will happily step up, can also donate any MB’s needed.
In game name: Raziel (As in Raziei with a capital i not an L)

(Disclaimer: I make no apologies for any toon deaths that incur as a result)


Cheers RazieI, I’m sure we can get some fixtures worked out :slight_smile: And if anyone else wants to set up in some time slots, I will send the Calendar to you for a look at.


The Bunny Squad have joined the list of cabals planning to do Megabosses so watch in game for announcements.


Awesome news!

I put the 9S, Legio Fulminata and Agnito Summoning dates / times so far in the Calendar here:


Thanks Katelin