Official 4th Anniversary Event: June 25 - July 15

TRANSMIT – time construct forward back now only present don’t forget to remember but now is forever – RECEIVE – initiate expression of four dimensions of experience on a two? dimensional? space? – BY PERCEIVING THIS MESSAGE YOUR FUTURE HAS SHIFTED – no coincidences – WITNESS – The Fourth Anniversary!

Time is a funny thing. What is it? Does it even exist? For you? For us? For the stars and the hungering dark beyond? Is it a flat circle? Will it ever end? What is an end? The end? Who could know? What could know?

All we know is we’re here. You’re here. Together, sweetlings. Let’s make this year special.

MEGAversary 4: The Fourth Age Door

You’re invited to the 4th annual MEGAversary celebration, a community-run collective of events, activities, contests, and productions organized by YOU, with prize support from Funcom! MEGAversary events are already underway, and you can find the full listing on our forums here:

This year’s celebration is, however, bittersweet, as we all mourn the tremendous loss of Mark “HolloPoint” Innes; exceptional Secret Worlder, artist, organizer, and proud Scot. May his anima surge forevermore.

Players gathered in Agartha earlier this week to form an in-game vigil and moment of silence for HolloPoint, and the events of this year’s MEGAversary collection are most certainly held in his loving memory.

Screenshots courtesy of Aeryl, Vomher, AndyB, and Razorgin

Additionally, we’re currently exploring our options on how we can honor his legacy as a part of the Secret World itself. More news on that as soon as we’ve got it. In the meantime, you can pay your respects on the forums [HERE].

Anniversary Event Details

You can expect some familiar festive flair this year as Agartha’s all dressed up for the occasion! Be on the lookout for:

  • Daily Event Login Rewards: A special gift every day during the event in addition to your regular login rewards!
  • The Talos of Gaia: The Immaculate Machine is back to give you treats! Agartha’s event portals rip back open containing one of 11 boss golems.
  • Shards of Corruption: The Gatekeeper once again has its curiosity piqued by the Talos’ hearts of rage. Perhaps better known now by the community as the “Hatekeeper” or “Slappy”.
  • Anniversary Cache: At last, after a LONG Winter!
  • BEEhemoth: Oh yeah, it’s gonna be around here and there.
  • Item Discounts: A whole bunch of stuff is on sale for the anniversary event, ranging for cosmetics, convenience items, boosters, sprints, and more!

Thank you all so much for being a part of the Secret World and for all you do. Please stay safe, be excellent to each other, and keep on being amazing. Lots of love.

Oh, and one more thing.

F*ck cancer.

The SWL team


4th Anniversary Sale

Begins 9:00 AM EDT June 25
Ends 9:00 AM EDT July 16

Service: 15% Off

  • All Distillate Shifters

Service/Boosters: 35% Off

  • All Catalysts
  • All Imbuers
  • All Agent Boosters
  • Polymorphic Glyph Exchanger

Sprint Speeds: 30% Off

  • Sprint IV (Both MoF and Aurum)
  • Sprint V
  • Sprint VI

Clothing: 50% Off

  • Plumed Venetian Masks (all)
  • Sick Kicks sneakers (all)
  • Tuxedos, all parts (including gold and platinum)
  • Tuxedo t-shirts
  • Party Hat
  • Orochi Black Sox outfit
  • Orochi Esports Jacket
  • Fiery/Glowing Eyes

Weapon Skins: 55% Off

  • All of them, seriously, literally every weapon skin I could find in our discount tool, I had to click all of them one by one, there’s like 250 of them, oh god

Emotes/Dances: 55% Off

  • Yare Yare
  • Salt
  • Wave (magic)
  • Stop
  • Million Dollar Smile
  • Bingo Blast
  • Finger Guns
  • Unfurl Wings

Emote: 90% Off

  • Make It Rain

Sprint Styles: 55% Off

  • Faction Scooter
  • Faction Racehorse
  • Gilded Geist Rider
  • Gilded Unicorn
  • Hover-Tech Stealthboard
  • Ghost Runner

Pets: 55% Off

  • Surveillance Drone
  • Unutterable Chibi
  • Little Foot
  • Raincloud Kitteh