HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


“Gaia and Excalibur”:

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This was done a month or so before Christmas. Gaia and various symbols. Drawing the sword from the Earth or something :slight_smile:


“Gaia and the Serpent”:

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A fairly recent Gaia attempt, more directly related to SWL with the tentacles :slight_smile:


“The Kingsmouth Horror”:

Slightly older image, more lovecraftian time period.


“Kitties Got Claws”:

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I was wanting to try the “Bokeh” lighting effects and a bit of perspective for this one. A few months old.


“Cthulhu Rising 2”:

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Did something similar, way, way back in a lack of artistic skills far, far away :smile: This image is loosely based on that picture, with Cthulhu looming menacingly over the Earth and Gaia. Her winged fighters rising to meet the threat.

The Cthulhu model is a Poser one, still not used to Poser. Poser is a different 3D package from DAZ Studio, with a slightly different render engine. You have to buy poser, but some models only come in poser format. Although DAZ can use these models, they are “optimized” for Poser. And Poser luv’s to crash on me :frowning:


“Culling Milton Sector - G19”:

Older images now… trying to actually paint the next up to date image :slight_smile:


A burger is exactly what I didn’t expect to need right now. :hamburger::hamburger::fries:


I love that one. Tentacles! Guns! Filth! Fighting! …Hold on, need a bite of my cheeseburger.


These are bloody amazing!!! I love them all :smiley: :heart:


Cheers folks :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to actually draw/paint something at the moment, rather than going all out 3D render with a bit of postwork, well, a lot of postwork in some cases. I can pencil draw pretty well, but combining and painting… meh :wink:

I have a few older images to put up though :slight_smile: Just having a look at the moment, to see what to post.


Nice! These are so rad. :smiley: I only have a vague handle on how 3d art works, so with a lot of these I just sat for a minute going “oooh, that looks so neat! :star_struck:” I have no idea how to put something like your psychic-delic stuff together, so it’s a lot of fun just looking at them and wondering how.

Also, I am right there with you on posting things, then coming back later and thinking “oh no, why didn’t I fix that. How did I miss it?” XD We are our own worst critics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers Mel-Addams, I appreciate your thoughts :smile:

For anyone interested in the 3D side of tingz, DAZ Studio is free… but the expense comes with the purchase of the models and bitz. You do get some free stuff with DAZ Studio and maybe check out the weekly freebies and see what comes up :slight_smile: It’s just learning the lighting, positioning and moving of the models. A bit of experience and effort for that, though DAZ is pretty good. Better than Poser for ease of use. Poser you have to buy. Again it’s “as the stone rolls it gathers moss” or “gathers knowledge”. With regards the purchase of models as long as you are careful it’s not too bad… err… lol.

I’ve seen peeps who just use the basic models and then massively paint over them… so you have the outlines of the figures posed to suit the image you want, then you compose the rest of the image based around it. It does help. Proportions and perspective and so on. I have a few books on fantasy art that give details on using 3D progs for just this sort of thing.

Just have fun really :slight_smile:


“Templar Tantrums in Tokyo Town 2033”:

This is quite an old image :slight_smile: It was good to do, though the render times were pretty hideous from what I remember lol. I was just getting used to lighting and so on. Post work for the rain and splashes.


“Running Kriss”:

Urm, lol. I’ve just watched Blade Runner 2049 and I did this image a while back, in anticipation. It’s not strictly SWL related, but who knows! Maybe the dastardly Orochi will have Nexus 8 board member replicants for us to hunt down! You never know, right :slight_smile:

I’ll try to be more on topic in future, but… I’ve been downing some Strathisla lovely malt… + the after impression of said Blade Runner film… what the hell :stuck_out_tongue:

The render took a long time, mostly 'cause of the reflections, massive amounts of Rain post work.

I do realize it was “Pris” from the Original Blade Runner, just a play on the name-words :wink:


Last of the typed spiel of the the night, sorry lol. Just thought I’d post this:

Urm a compilation of the best of the SWL related images. Brilliant track by Timo Mass. Enjoy… and now… time to dream of Templar beams glittering in dark of off Edwiick Park Gate, time to see Lummie attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orochi Tower… time to see Dragon equations compute and mutate to the sounds and vibrations of Vivaldi… time to… sleep… releases Filth pathogen pigeon in to the air :smile:


“The Faction Leaders”:

Thought I’d post this 'cause of the above YouTube thumb.

I did not have the face morphs for the Female Faction leaders, or some of the proper hair, but it’s a decent enough portrait attempt :slight_smile:


“Watchman of the City”:

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A new one. Been trying to get a fiery wing effect done right, for future images.


“Back to Back in the Kaidan Black”:

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A new one :slight_smile:


“Factions of Italbar”:

Based on "Shades of Italbar, up in this thread a bit, right at the start I think. I think this is done, I’ll probably go blergh in a few hours though :slight_smile:


“Geary Crushing”:

I was replying to TeaThiefs marvelous thread and remembering Geary’s office so, hence the above image. It is a bit different from Geary’s office though, and the table and chairs and the artwork (mine lol), but I was not able to get some of the models, could not model them myself and did not really want to go crazy buying stuff :slight_smile:

Geary herself is not correct, but I don’t have some of the morphs and so on… but it’s ok :slight_smile:

I did see a model for the Brooklyn bridge though, maybe,… for the future. And I have ZBrush now, I could struggle for a while and recreate her power clothing, maybe.