HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks


Niiiiiiiiiice! It may not be perfectly spot-on accurate to the game, but the FEEL is accurate. The ‘is she satisfied with my performance or am I being ‘retired’ on the spot’ Feel.

And of course Geary would have a voodoo doll. I feel bad for the poor sap it affects. Geary’s mean, and worse… Geary’s creative.


Thanks TeaThief :slight_smile:

I am doing too much 3D stuff, tried to do a speed paint of Cthulhu, it’s not going well lol.

With the 3D there is also the potential for decent animations. But, and here is the major but, DAZ is not very good for animation and then I’d have to voice and so on. I was going to start using unreal 4 for animating, but again there are some problems with this. I really just need to get my “cross” in gear and try to be honest. Maybe a very short scene, I just need to think of something. There is also the problem of render times, which can be pretty hideous. I do have a decent machine and my 2 X 1080 SC’s bought before prices went crazy, but still, very heavy on the time.

Poser is slightly better on the animation, being a program with more features and a better animation handling setup, but… again problems with that. Got me thinking though, lol. A Templar, thinking! Dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: There is a shrunken head there as well :wink:


The speed paint is now consigned to the “Never Shall be Spoken of Again” file :slight_smile:

“Cthulhu Cometh”:

I might try and paint this one up though, but I have a commission I’m working on :smile:



…Is it bad that, as a Bee, my first instinct is ‘ugh, okay, fine, time to kill Cthulhu, I guess’ ?


“Boones Boom Beans”:

I was looking through some older stuff, and, phewie, some of them are ripe to be posted! :stuck_out_tongue:


“Noots Angels”:

Did this one ages upon ages ago lol. Updated it slightly though.


“Meditations on Gaia”:

Templar Arcaneo-Hippy meditating on Gaia.


Some of these actually look really, really cool! :smiley:


Thanks, Taco :slight_smile:

I was going through older images… this is the “Scottish Bingo Cola” (Read the small text :wink: ) Should be visible.

It’s based on the tipple “Buckfast” which is brewed by Buckfast Abbey and plied to the lower echelons of Scottish drinking culture :slight_smile:


“UrDraugallan - Morninglight’s Special reserve”:

For those very special initiations :slight_smile:


This I caught a glimpse of when wandering aimlessly through the Orochi tower… it was on one of the screens next to an employee who’d overdosed on Filth-popcorn. The Movie was entitled “Aliens vs Orochi”… looked like a very complete disaster flick :slight_smile:

“Aliens vs. Orochi”:

It’s an older image updated slightly, I thought it did not work at the time, but it’s ok.


“The Return of Shaiunshulhu”:

Another book? Urm… yikes lol… Shaiunshulhu was the bad beastie at the end of “The Return to Outpost 94”, but I did not thing of that title for this picture until I’d completed it. Got me thinking though :slight_smile: RRTGB (Right Reserved to go Blergh) on this one :smile:

Edit: I did go “Blergh”. Made a few changes, fixed the textures a bit and lighting.


“Punk Templar Angel vrs the Infected”

This was I think the first image back in September last year where tingz “clicked” and I started to regularly procedure decent images from renders.


“Reaching the Point”:

Another older and similar image, but I had got a few brushes (bought) and had purchased Zbrush as well (The Sashimono at the back). Went a bit c-c-c-crazy with the effects lol, but it was fun to do :slight_smile:


… is it bad to root for the Aliens? >.>


Lol, TeaThief, I always rooted for the Aliens anyway, no matter what film :slight_smile:

“The Templars Want YOU!”

Templar recruitment poster :slight_smile:


Now THAT is an impressive recruitment poster. I’d join.
That said, I can’t help but get the feeling the minute this shot was finished Sonnac just cracks up laughing.


Lol, P-girl, nah… he probably walks all nonchalantly over to the fire place and stokes the embers with Excalibur :smiley:


“The Return to the Underground”:

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“Over the Moon on the Moon”:

SWL Wolf and his vampire pilot celebrating “Season 2” :slight_smile: (Got models I was looking for in the Easter Sales… trying them out :wink: )

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