Anniversary Screenshots Thread & Requests


Starting from today, I will be requesting players to submit their anniversary screenshots here for a publication I wish to do. This request will run on until after July 17th.

It can be anything from silly to serious and everything in-between. Share your anniversary memories!

If you can and want to participate, please submit a screenshot(s) to this thread, detailed:

In-Game Name of Submitter
[Screenshot here].


In-Game Name: Djinn

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or DM me.


In-Game Name: Nordavind

Andy helped take down boss.


Just another day in Agartha.
In Game Name: Johnny “DasMoose” Wildstar

Editing with some new stuff. The last one is totally canon.




In-Game Name: KeeperOfTime

Hi Anniversary, I am Christmas :smiley:




Please remember to include your in-game name so I know who to credit in the publication!


In-Game Name: Nordavind

What happens when ALL THE PEOPLE try to enter the portal at once? It breaks, for a few minutes. Poor server quokkas.


In game name: #1 - META-MOTH
I just wanna say that i only took this coz the Bee Pinata on the left of the portal looks like a stuffed Gingerbread man that has just collapsed after muching his way through a box of anniversary choccies - LOL
I might be the only one who sees it but once seen - can’t be unseen




In game name - #1META-MOTH
These are so far my faves
So many bees here for anniversary - <3
So much love for SWL


In Game: Halt


In-Game Name: Kakahu

This is what the anniversary makes us find…


The excitement got a bit much!

(In game: AmberW)


In-game name : Miizaa

Inside Talos of Gaia…

New secret portals…

A beehemoth of a pinata…

Huge canine custodian…

Dino Andy and Spynosaur…


Halp !..

Allergic to bees ?..

Spyno Smash Bros…

Festive but still angry !

Nirvelle’s rainbows …

FPS issues for everyone !! haha


In-Game Name: Katelin

Andy is rocking the Bee-Hive Hairstyle


In-game name: Selka


In-Game Name: denirs1
The Gatekeeper
First Time in game/ Pierwszy GK w grze


In-Game Name: Ocholivis



A reminder to chill out amid all that Hatekeeper grinding.

Ingame name: Cordite