Anniversary Screenshots Thread & Requests


In-Game Name: Hestian


This one has also been in the backburner, posed and shot a month ago. Happy Anniversary from Hestian, Solon and Aeryl :honeybee:

In-Game Name: Hestian


IGN: Rumiko


This one is for sure being put in.


Yes, good. This pleases me.


In-Game Name: Lucid

\m/ :heart:2H8


IGN: Kylaney


a couple more :slight_smile:


Ingame: MarKhaar & PyramidGoon

People spamming their crystals leads to… :eggplant:

Never stop the dancing! :man_dancing:t2:

Lore hunting can be tedious and sometimes leads to madness… Or maybe we were just looking for faster ways of transportation…

Things ended up heating up… though… “Yup, that’s us. I bet you’re wondering how we ended up in this situation.”

At the end of the day, nothing like a group photo of those who helped you during all that grind. :sunglasses:


I knew you’d take all my honey Mr Bee

A filthy guest dropped by…

A perfect illusion

You can’t escape. The trees are unending…


Have a few more shots for you hun!!!


I hope there is no limit, I love screenshots :smiley:


Just in case people are still trying to find it on their own.

In-Game Name: JohnLegrasse

Just sitting here, enjoying the view in the Shadowy Forest… er, Carpathian Fangs.


In-Game Name: JohnLegrasse

Just waiting all by my lonesome as a Hatekeeper appears. Then with eight other fine bees. Then recklessly attacking him because apparently the instance closed and it was just the eight of us.

We did not succeed.


^^ I don’t know who that is, but it’s a good shot :wink:


This one is for you @Jingi



Ingame: MarKhaar

This is how you do Happy Feet, right? :man_dancing:t2::penguin:


In game : Vyro

It’s the time to die bees

Dad is so tall

OMG I’m bless by gatekeeper


Gatekeeper face

Summon dance

Stop to fusionning please

Dark l’agartha :thinking:

Annnd the banner in the portal in view of front (RIP)


In Game Name: Tail-Wagger (Jac) and Caerfinon (Jon)

Woof * Jon, I’m not impressed and I really must implore you to cease this MEGAversary related tom foolery at once. *