Lucky Number 7 - Screenshot Contest

On the Seventh Anniversary my Sweetlings gave to me…

Put on your thinking caps and break out the Third Age Holo Imager. This one will task your creativity.

We’re looking for screenshots of Secret World Legends representing the number SEVEN!

Seven what, you may ask? Well, that’s where your creativity comes in.

Seven bottles of mead on the wall? Seven colorful bees? Seven flappy birbs? A copse of trees that looks like a 7 if you tilt your head and squint just right? The Roman numeral seven made out of the corpses of your enemies (or friends)?

As long as you can make a case for your screenshot representing the number seven, you’re good! Our panel of judges is looking for your best, funniest, most creative or generally awesome digital depiction of this numerical nature!


~Your hosts, @Vomher & @Aeryl.

Event Duration

  • Submissions are open now and will remain open for the remainder of the 7th Anniversary Event.
  • Winners will be announced after the conclusion of the event.

How to enter

  • Post your screenshots in this thread.
  • Include your character’s nickname.
  • For group shots, include the nicknames of any active participants.


  • In-game screenshots only.
  • One submission per person.
  • Group shots are admissible, but extra prizes will not be provided should the winning entry or entries be group shots.
  • You may not use image manipulation to enhance your screenshots. Cropping and framing is allowed.
  • You may use summoned items such as event decorations or pets.
  • You may not use game mods or addons to change the appearance of, particularly but not limited to, characters, items, NPCs or environments.


  • (1) Grand Prize winner will receive the elusive [Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone] [TBC] and their choice between either [Resplendent Talisman Imbuer] x 1, [Elaborate Glyph Imbuer] x 1, or [Mk IV Weapon Imbuer] x 1!
  • (2) Runners-up [Prize TBC]
  • All valid entries will be rewarded with the rare “Celebration T-shirt” for their character.


Nickname : Rifla

Rifla is in Quarantine because he is driven to madness missing 1 agent only.


my entry (fowldermis)
happy seventh anniversary all


Simple one is easiest…7 balloons
Happy anniversary to all =)


Happy Anniversary all!
Here’s my submission for Unidentified
From the left we have TS-13, Gehennza, Unidentified, Rifla the filthy photobomber, Columbae, Soleil, Teg and Ruttomurmeli. Thanks all for helping :smiley:


Happy Anniversary!
Here are 7 Jimmys all wearing their first available anniversary shirt, or a plain black shirt in FistSimmons case.
From left to right: FistSimmons, HappyKitty, Runner001, JimmyTheRabbit, ScrubBunny, SauceyBoi,Freeborne


has there ever been a jimmy the rabbi if not i feel your missing a trick


Wishing you a 7th birthday that’s out of this secret world! May you have the strength and spirit of Fenrir and the joy of hitting the jackpot on 7 pachinko machines.


Happy 7th Anniversary to everyone :tada: :slot_machine: :birthday: :clinking_glasses: :confetti_ball:

In this big Anniversary “rush”, it doesn’t hurt to stop sometimes and get energized, for which a good coffee :coffee: is always a great choice. At Axel’s , you can choose from 7 different roasts.

P.S.: Who left a mess here again?



Pardon the length, I set it up to be like a cryptid hunting episode for my own amusement. XD The first two screenshots are just visual context and story setup, the entry itself is the final screenshot. Also, the situation and character are based on Redfall’s cryptid hunter PC–the opening and closing lines are quoted from that game, though the rest is original.
Character nickname: Dev-iner

“I’m Devinder Crousley, and this–is Delving Into Darkness.”

“Or, at least, into a lovely twilight, soon to be dark. I’ve come to Egypt to visit a couple old Oxford mates, and happened upon some rather curious rumors circulating amongst the locals. As I understand, not far outside the town is an area referred to as “Serket’s Domain,” where one might be able to find some scorpions of unusual size. But not just any supernaturally oversized arthropodic cryptids! These are, so I’ve heard, potentially descended from those in the tale Isis and the Seven Scorpions. And–oh, what luck!”

“A spectacular specimen, indeed! Its claws alone appear to be over 20 centimetres, the typical length of the entire body of a Pandinus imperator–or, emperor scorpion–one of the largest mundane scorpion species. And while standard scorpion chitin will fluoresce under UV light, this one appears to have unique striations, glowing even without the use of my blacklight–in multiple, atypical colors, akin to a railroad worm’s bioluminescence! Fascinating… Primarily prominent are fiery orange markings, located on both the stinger and cephalothorax, presenting as a large dorsal spot with eight to ten radial lines–almost like a sun with rays. Perhaps these markings might be used amongst others of the species as a form of signaling, possibly for general communication or mating purposes? However, an additional green spot just above its two front-facing eyes is relatively quite small. While it appears to me not unlike an illustrated “third eye” of sorts in combination with the surrounding orange markings, it’s possible the green mark acts as a form of lure for prey–bugger.”

“It would appear Isis’ seven scorpions–or rather their descendants–are as formidable as you’d expect from the legend! I had assumed the initial specimen was an adult, but I now believe it more likely a juvenile, as many others have arrived that seem to be, um–they’re a few metres long! I shall endeavor to report further observations and provide more accurate measurements once I’m at a safer distance, but for now, it’s time to go! Until next time, dev-iners!”

Look out, Dev, that might be Tefen about to strike!


I’m just here to bring some snacks to the party. Seven dishes, made them myself.

Happy Anniversary from ArcFlash!


On the 7th day of the 7th month, at 7:07 (UTC+7)

Ruttomurmeli’s tribute to Gaia’s blessing of 7 years free of Aegis.


In the twilight of ages,
Unseen forces converge.
Hidden out of any sight,
The cabals plot in the night.
A new dawn is luring us,
Turning our minds poisonous.
Heard from a timeless buzzing,
Who then told me one last thing:
Seven bright and giant spheres,
As the Gaia’s avatars,
Seven, the shape given here,
Persisting like an altar,
Seven truths from anywhere:
That we are all made of stars.

From Malkeshar


Hi everyone. Happy 7th anniversary!

I’m praying the seven deities of City of the Sun God for something good to happen.


Nickname: Hestian
I’m here to share 7 bottles of Agarthan mead!


Nickname: CricketJ

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold

Seven for a secret…never to be told.


I still cannot upload pics. Will try to fix it.

There’s probably a wait time before the forums will let you upload an image. If you don’t want to wait you can post the screenshot elsewhere (e.g. imgur) and DM me the link either here or on Discord, or ask a friend with upload permissions to post the screenshot for you (just make sure you’re getting the proper credit if someone else posts on your behalf!).


On behalf of @bovod:

Nickname: bovod
“7 Beatles references”


Nickname: Xiasinon

7 chars to form a roman seven and prove to you that i will jump off that cliff at the suicide bluff if i dont get that agent!

I cannot upload screenshots as a new user…
I cannot include links, so pls feel free to glue it together :smiley: