The Great Screenshot Thread


A place to post your most favourite screenshots. Maybe you got the perfect shot by accident. Maybe you spend a lot of time to get the perfect light and tweak your settings for maximum details. Maybe it’s just one that give you fond memories, like the first time you stepped into Kingsmouth or you met you know who in a Kaidan garage.

A few thread rules maybe:

  • SWL screenshots only, not TSW
  • It would be nice if you don’t just flood the thread with all the screen shots you may have (I know some of you have A LOT)
  • One image per post, it will be easier to see what people like
  • No touch ups/edits/crops
  • Preferably no (text) replies, just likes and new screenshots

Screenshot tips:

  • Use ctrl-z to hide GUI

SWL drawings (by Jess)

Fond memory. First day of SWL, swarms of bees entering the game, and Sonnac holding court in Temple hall for all the new recruits.


Another big occasion for us; not the best image of the opening of Tokyo, but that one local chat bubble sort of summed up the event


Some prominent persons made an appearance during the awesome Spookcular Fashion Contest last October.


Among the things everyone should do at least once:


Secret World Hobby 01: Dressing for a particular line.


One of my all-time favorites from Whispering Tide. Aerial dogfight in Agartha: begin!


For the love of god Jac, back away slowly and what ever you do… DON’T BLINK!


I had a slow pace doing the story in SWL, and took my time exploring the places we visit only once. I never noticed the moon when I was here back in TSW.


All my favorite screenshots are selfies. :smiley: But also the place! So many great views, I just can’t choose one, sorry.

+ and 5 more

(I think I’ll bring more later :smirk:)


Because I’m… too sexy for this mask… why so sexy, you ask?

Some extra fun

Mara has come for you at last, Callisto!

One of my favorite moments in any mission in the game…

Summon the Flappies!


Here is a new favorite:

It’s from Beyond the Veil’s Halloween Fashion Show October 2017. :)!


Loved this cutscene weapon glitch and the timing of this screenshot


One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!


I love the lighting in this game.


Choose, traveler - and choose wisely; would you have riches or safe travels?

Had Hell Eternal bug out and we kept the cool lighting from Eblis’ Cast Out field… so ofc I couldn’t resist a Mephistophelean moment with the camera.


Starin’ at ma phone


Snow wasn’t something I expected to see in Kaidan.


My favorite, on the train to Kairo…


The Manhattan Exclusion zone (aka New York Raid)