Screenshots thread


Screenshot thread! Old school pics, funny pics, bugs, cool, share anything!

I’ll start with screenshots of the old noob island in the new engine.


That looks pretty damn good.

/petition bring back noob island but make it into a level 150-200 instance


Stuck in Smuggler’s Den


Roughly 95% of AO time, lft!

lol, even my Insight expired


I posted these a few years ago during another anniversary event. Notice the date stamp. We have no idea what this was about. My husband took the screenshots, and as you can see in the final shots, the wave hit him, but didn’t hurt him.

Edited note: well hard to see in pics due to size reduction, but the date was August 21, 2001


Wow so it was like a nuclear explosion coming closer and closer? Definitely not a graphical bug?


That’s what he described it as. Like a nuclear explosion that grew and grew towards him, until it rolled past him, then everything was fine.

Can’t rule out a bug, but I’ve had a lot of graphical glitches in the past and they either look like ray tracing errors or the screen just goes blank.

The location is in some of the screenshots. I need to go check it out and guess where the epicenter might have been.


One of the best looking Tier armors