Server 1000 - Screen roll

Game mode: [Official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVE]
Region: [EU]

Randomly, my screen just shake which is not very nice when you are ingame.
It makes a “roll” - and its not a graphic error, before you suggest to update drivers.

Please fix this.

Hey @Zcarlett

That’s a pretty odd issue. Could you provide a video showcasing this visual glitch so we can get a better idea of what’s happening?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry but I weren’t able to make a video.

But the bug is like an in-game earthquake. Thats the best way to describe it :slight_smile:
And it happende in Set City. It also happend on another server - 1005 EU Official.

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I have heard of similar issue observed by players on a private server. They mentioned that they could feel this “earthquake” when players are doing the warmaker dungeon and being hit by the last boss!? @Daenaira was it you mentioning it in discord? Sorry for the wrong tag, if not.


Thanks for the additional info. We’re poking our team to see if they can reproduce it on their end.


This is so odd XD

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Yes, I too have experienced this. I thought I was going crazy.
It has happened several times (not regularly though). It was always whilst/ after looking into a chest or similar.
The description of an earthquake is perfect. It’s like the camera temporarily loses its ability to snap to an axis.


Thanks Ignasis.

Yes. We had around 10 People online during that time. 2 went to do the Warmaker Dungeon, the others well… hunting and farming and building xD the stuff you do ^^

A few of us, around 6 were at that time in discord talking when we all squealed… cause the game had gotten their own earthquake… One person in the voice chat, informed me calmly it always happens when a player gets hit in the new dungeon by that last boss in there… everyone outside got their fair share of that “hit”…visually at least… since then we try to avoid the dungeon and hoping for a fix…
PVE server, PC

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We’ll remind the Warmaker champion not to have such earthshattering tantrums.

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I get so damn dissy when it happens !

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