Clanmate's screen shakes when I am hit

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

When I am in the Warmaker’s Sanctuary and I get clobbered by the Arena Champion, my clanmate, who is not in the dungeon, experiences the same reeling screen shake that I do.

No mods.

Huh. I knew a guy on a server where I play who would always know when I got my arse kicked by the Champion, without my saying anything on the global chat. He wasn’t even in my clan and he said he knew because his screen would shake.

I never quite believed him until I read your post.

I’ve experienced the same thing while I was in Sep. Turned out a friend was dodging the hits and the screen shook; also got a sound. I was amazed, but wrote it off to intended.



Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team will look into it.

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This isn’t a bug or issue, the arena champion uses a weapon called the Quake, it’s a 1handed mace you can get from unnamed city that it’s special effect is to shake people screens, even if someone is hit near you, it can still shake you. Now there is an issue with it where in my experience, when I hit somebody with it, it either won’t shake anyone or will only shake myself.

I’m familiar with the effects of the Quake and this is most definitely a bug, unless the Quake’s effects are not supposed to affect a random player in a different map grid tile.

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I was saying the screen shake effect of the arena champion wasn’t a bug. Not that being able to randomly feel it from far off wasn’t a bug. Most bugs I’ve seen with the quake consist of when and who’s screen it shakes, always seems to be random and inconsistent.

Never called the shake on the target a bug.

The defect is how the effect gets piped to someone unrelated to the dungeon.

Didn’t know this part was a bug honestly, I thought the quake was theoretically suppose to shake everyone’s screen around it because I feel like it would make sense than the whole world shaking for just one person according to its info page. Id rather it only shake the target nailed by it but I couldn’t tell if that part was a bug or not.

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