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From this day until the day I can play this game without screen shake, I will be making a thread begging the developers to re-enable the option to disable screen shake that we were given in Early Access. No, I do not want to play with mods. I want to be able to play with friends and enemies on any server - instead of being unable to play at all because I want to puke 30 seconds after joining a server.

When I first played in Early Access there were several options which were removed because they were malfunctioning. One of those options was to disable screenshake. It has been 4 years since that option was removed from the client, and I would very much like to know if those malfunctions have been resolved.

If they haven’t been resolved, can you please use the mods you reference as a starting point for creating a screen-shake free client? If the modders can do it, then surely the developers can do it. Even if that weren’t the case, the game was originally developed with the intent to provide players with the ability to disable screenshake - which was then taken from them with no explanation.

Can you please either re-enable the screenshake option, or explain why it was removed in Early Access and why it hasn’t been re-enabled?


little bit ot: Sometimes I have massive screenshake. Like earthquake >8 or sth. But I dont know what triggers it… It sometimes happens 2-3 times within a short period and then nothing for days.


You’re not wrong to think it may impact gameplay, but leaving it on for everyone negatively impacts all gameplay. They had the option in originally and they can return it to players.


I have seen several topics on this already and I am not here to dismiss anything by any means because I can see this is a serious issue for certain people. But what the heck is this screen shake people keep talking about? I have never noticed my screen shaking around or anything and am really confused what people are even referring to. Again, I want to make this clear, I am not dismissing the issue and can see that it is a clear problem that needs to be prioritized. I am just not sure what the problem actually is. >.>

when you harvest a rock , or tree, you get a screen shake or a bounce on the screen.

Go chop a tree with an axe, or a hit a stone with a pick.

That rumbling on your monitor induces nausea in many people.

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I harvest all the time but never really noticed any rumbling on my monitor. Maybe I need to pay more attention. >.>

If you are using mods, it could be one of them disabling it. For example, Age of Calamitous completely removes the screen shake as far as I am aware (at least it does from the gathering). I have no issues playing on these servers but I can’t harvest more than a few minutes on official. I am grateful that I have the PC version and I can run mods, otherwise I would have to stop playing.

Unfortunately, there are too few of us having this issue, finding a solution is not on top of Funcom’s priority list if on that list at all. I guess we have to accept that people like us have to play with mods or stop playing completely. I enjoy the game too much to drop it which is why I play on servers with no shake mods only.

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Some solid information again Narelle. I generally do play with mods but I try to avoid aoc any chance I can. Though I do love AoC (Age of Conan). :stuck_out_tongue: So maybe that is why I do not know what this screen shake is. I will have to test this out now!

Remove screen shake from the game or allow us to disable it.

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Immediately enable the screen shake toggle.

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Hey developers. Please re-enable the screen shake toggle we have deserved since release.


Same for me. And I harvest stone like crazy, becuase I made some Altars and water bridges…

But I play on PS4. Maybe its not so massive there?

I only have this massive screenshakes without any real reason sometimes… Didnt have one since I posted it.

Oduda, not sure if you are the same person, but I’ve seen a player with your [Steam]name on my server, and I’m running a mod that removes screen shake. (Indeed, a lack of action by the devs on this issues was one of the major reasons why I finally threw in the towel on Officials. )

If you’ve been consistently playing on servers with AoC or the Stabilise Camera mod, then that would explain why you’re not familiar with what we’re talking about.

Yes I have recently joined your server. :smiley: But I have played on servers with and without mods.

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It might just be that you’re not sensitive to it. I’ve seen from some others that they’re completely unaware of it until it’s specifically pointed out.

Warning: Once you’ve seen it, you might not be able to UNsee it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screen Shake Enabled:

Screen Shake Disabled:


Wow… I have NEVER noticed that…

Don’t ask me how >.>

Guess you’ve been lucky up until now. If you’re still able to ignore it, then you might also be able to count yourself fortunate. :wink:

The screen shaking is probably one of the oldest and still most criticized feature in this game, just remove it already! People either dont care or hate it! Makes me wonder, why do we have a feature like that? I doubt anybody would bother to complain if it was completely removed from the game.

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this after a 1/2 hour or so makes my head hurt so dam bad.
i love the way it can be easily turned of from mods, yet its a " core" feature? benefit? a screw you? not sure . but im happy to play on the server that does not have this enabled.