Screen shake nausea

I have over 4000 hours in the game and I simply cannot keep the game installed for more than 20 minutes.

I’ve tried to start playing again in the last few months. I was excited for the mounts that were added. I was excited for the new dungeons and mods I kept track of.

The problem is; I can’t stand to look at the screen once I start harvesting materials. The game did not feel this way when I used to play it as my main game. This caustic knocking is nauseating and offensive. It reminds me of the bug where our screens would shake every time we dropped from a height greater than a wooden box. There would be this harsh and jittery screen aneurysm. That bug was fixed and I’m very grateful. I was able to play happily after that was sorted.

As I scroll through the suggestions where players are begging for screen shake options, they’re being answered by a combination of “No”, “Play with mods”, or “We have no plans to change this”.

If those are the only responses the developers have to this problem, then I’m going to permanently retire this game and retain as many positive memories as I can.

If you’re a developer reading this and the only responses you have to this problem are the ones previously quoted, please do not repeat them. I don’t want my positive memories of this game tainted by more indifference.


it was so darn hard to focus with the screen shake. every rock , every tree…became too much . i agree with you.
there is a mod i use called " no screen shake" i think, and i could not play without it. ( if you are on p.c )
seems like such an easy fix for modders, not such a easy fix for devs, and if it is a easy fix for the devs…then why is this not a toggle by now???, means they simply do not care.

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Forcing players to use a mod is not a solution and I wish people would accept that.

The developers are being lazy.

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I also would be pwetty happy to see the shaking gone. Cause, wtf do we need that for?

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agree. considering how much harvesting you need to do in game i can’t basically play any server without no shake mod. on my vanilla server, i use “stabilize camera” mod. the other server i play is AoC which has the camera shake disabled.

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I’ve been pleading to get an Accessibility Option added to suppress Screen Shake for as long as I’ve been here. The fact that it actually got worse with the inexplicable change to the new (and amateur-looking) pick/hatchet animation was extremely frustrating and disheartening. Once that happened, I pretty much stopped harvesting anything and resorted to trading with other players instead.

Ignoring that camera shake makes no sense with a 3rd person camera, forcing players who want to enjoy your game to either use a mod (if even possible) or suffer eyestrain and headaches is certainly uncompassionate and possibly negligent.

And so it is. The devs don’t care to fix this problem, then I’ll remove Conan Exiles from my list in steam and try to forget this stupidity.

Adios, Funcom.

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Honestly i dont even notice it as im too busy making sure im not getting eaten or jumped.

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