Why won't Funcom make an option to toggle off screenshake?

I am sorry, but 15 minutes in, and this is an unbelievably distracting and annoying visual mechanic to play with. It does not add to the immersion. It does not add any enjoyment to the game whatsoever for me and, I am sure, many other people who play.

And it can be a health issue too as it could trigger a pretty bad headache for some people. For me, it makes the game unplayable because I’ll get a headache after doing it.

I am sure this issue has been raised before, so it is obvious that Funcom has decided to plant their heels and totally disregard that this is a big problem for their customers.

I am just wondering why they are this way though? I can’t play this game unless I get a mod and play on an unofficial server, and those are at the mercy of whoever is paying for them, and who knows when they’ll decide they don’t want to do so anymore. Also they often come with mods and settings I don’t want to play with, I just want the vanilla experience minus the horrible screenshake. I will not buy a server for myself just because of this issue, I have already paid for the game. I also don’t want to play singleplayer because a big part of the reason why I bought the game was because I wanted to play with a bunch of people.

So I’ll be getting a refund on steam. Too bad, even for the very small amount of time I played, I had a lot of fun and was excited for what was to come.


i would love to stay on the official servers, so i can play with people.
but the shaking of the screen is so annoying. it is just too much.
so I play with the no shake mod, on solo play…( sighs)… but it is so much more relaxing, and no more headaches!


I think I have the same issue, I asked about it here:
Fix camera movement

The change came with the new combat system I think and I get the same impression when playing console control games such as Witcher 3 and assassin’s creed. I personally like the first person cam of Skyrim or Rust a lot more. Don’t know why this was changed as it really is a health problem for some people.

I complained about this very same thing at the start of the year:

On weekends, when I have more time to play, I almost always end up with eye strain and a headache from how much the screen jars when mining rocks. Considering it’s a 3rd-person view, it makes absolutely no sense why the camera would shake in the first place. :confounded:

Sry to hear that. I really hope this will be reverted back to the camera we had in EA. I never had any problems there.

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