Screen shaking reminder

A quick reminder that the screenshaking is causing discomfort and might be a health issue for some players :slight_smile:

I played on testlive now and kudos - with the slightly delayed sprint start it already got a lot better for me. Still I think it’s not too much to give us an option to switch the whole thing off.


Ps.: Nice work, I am really impressed so far how much these small changes made the game better. Gonna test some more tonight.


I think it would be great to have a general toggle options for effects like these. I experienced the warmakers glitch for the first time a few days ago, I was immediately almost on the floor due to the vertigo it gave me on just one shake, and nauseated for a long while after.@@

For me some of the minor movements also tend to trigger migraines and eyestrain, the bow animation is another example, the zoom should not be forced for the heavy attack as you’re just constantly zooming in and out which kicks in things like vertigo as well.

It used to be a very standard thing to always have toggles for things like this and camera movement in games to make sure everyone could enjoy them even if you have issues like migraines, vertigo, motion sickness.

Edit: Fixed some wording, misunderstood due to migraine @@


@Ignasi Myself and others have been raising the same complaint for over a year now in the hopes that this eventually gets changed. Can we maybe list this on the Trello board so there’s some visibility for the issue? I’d rather my liver do things other than process Advil when the weekend rolls around. :tropical_drink:


Yeah, we don’t have a huge voice here but I hope the importance of our request is apparent in the posts. I can only hope the Devs see our reasoning and understand how this should be more on top of the priority list. Potentially harmful for players > deco items, nicer animations and balancing.


@Tascha Has there been any progress on this issue? If anything the newly introduced delay in the pick/axe swing has made this worse as the delay is long enough for our eyes to refocus from the shaking motion only to get jarred again. I’ve not been able to do any farming since the patch came out because I literally have to look away from the monitor now. :weary:

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