PLEASE! Need option to turn off screen shake to help prevent people feeling sick

We have players on our server that are very sensitive to the slight shift of the screen when harvesting and fighting. It gives them motion sickness and headaches after a short while, and one has even reported that she feels herself twitching if laying down right after playing. Things like motion sickness and migraines/headaches and seizures are something some people have, and developers should offer options to alleviate those issues unless there’s a VERY good reason they can’t. This is not something that’s so technologically difficult to add that it’s unfeasible. A simple checkbox to turn it off the screen shifting on the client side is all that’s needed. When people complained bout the momentum and jerky animation when coming to a stop after moving, the change was made very quickly. I’m asking, on behalf of my players, for a setting that keeps them from getting ill.

And yes, I know mods can do that, but a mod on the server forces the change on everyone. I’ll do it if I have to as this is an issue making one of my players sick, but I don’t want to globally modify everyone’s experience in the game if unnecessary, and having a simple setting that could prevent some people from getting ill is not asking for too much. It shouldn’t be something that’s low on the list of things to do.


I agree with this suggestion, but for a different reason. The screen shake breaks immersion because it implies we’re playing in first person mode. However, when we’re harvesting in third person, the screen is definitely not our eyes, and thus shouldn’t shake.

I completely agree the whole shaking thing is not neccessary

I really beg of the Conan Devs to please put in a fix to this in the game. I love the game but can’t play for more than about 30 minutes because of the screen shake. Please think of the population that gets motion sick, of no fault of their own, and add a setting to turn this off.

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