Screen shake? really?

Slider for camera shake and camera distance AND height, third person combat is blocked by my character and most of the time i can’t see what i’m fighting…
This is on PC.

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It is probably the FOV that is main reason for you getting sick. I had to change my FOV to max (75 I think). As far as camera shake I have not noticed it since I play in third person but I thought there was the option on PC to disable it.

i think its the screen shake thats the main reason i feel sick, coz i said it was. fov is max and i play 3rd person. who ever gets sick coz of the fov? it just makes the game look weird, and i guess u dont play on pc coz you would know if there was or not. and motion blur is the only option to remove

@Spynosaur_Nicole Yes please!!! Farming is essential, and after a couple hours of straight whacking on trees, stones, nodes, etc, my eyes and head are killing me. Thank you for passing along!

Yes, please add a slider to disable it so i can finally
play this gem of a game.

to feel the impact… its good how it is right now.

That’s your opinion barbarian, but OP is feeling sick and many others do not like the headbobbing.
Your head wouldn’t move when you watch someone else chop down a tree, why should it when you’re in third person?

thats true. im playin it in first person and it shoukdnt be in third person view


any News ?

It’s actually more severe in third person than it is in first person, which is really strange!

Hopefully they add an option to scale it up or down instead of just a toggle. I just want to decrease the severity a bit, maybe 50%.

Spynosaur_Nicole Thank you for recognizing a very serious matter for the comfortableness of your customers.

I picked the game up very early on in EA and I cannot remember there ever being this horrible camera shake when gathering/harvesting materials. I came back for the full release of the game just to find out it puts me at a breaking point and makes me very uncomfortable with playing it for an extended amount of time.

Please give us an option to disable it. Please I beg of thee.

Harvesting/gathering is where a lot of time is spent playing this game, so please do not let us suffer with motion sickness and headaches.

And on the mod side of things…well we cannot use these on official servers, which is why there should be an option to disable it since a mod can easily change just a handful of BP files to get it disabled.

Thank you and happy gaming!


Still waiting for an option to turn this off myself. Thanks for bumping.

Yes, this has been requested countless times since EA, I myself have asked for this in the past. Every game that has this camera shaking effect allows users to completely disable them.

Honestly the whole camera shake effect outside combat should be disabled by default, it serves no purpose but annoying all people who dislike it. I understand it usually makes combat more “intense”, but even in combat situation it should only be used when you score a heavy attack or take heavy fall damage, anything else is just annoying.

Come on guys,
please let us play your beatiful game, please add a camera shake slider.
Still waiting for news…

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Farming sessions cause headaches because of this. Please allow us to disable the jerky camera when harvesting resources.

From the looks of it, they don’t give a damn if we get sick or not. How is this not an option yet?!

This is a big issue for me as well. The screen shake is very pronounced. I have a a neurological condition (cluster headache) that is aggravated by screen shake. I have had to disable it in games since the original Doom’s head bob. And it gets worse [for me] the farther out your vertical FoV.

How has this not been addressed yet? I’ve had horrible eye-strain lately after long farming sessions due to this. >.<

I look out of peripheral to harvest myself, but, this is an issue I would have assumed been addressed in the recent patch. Some people may have already quit or perhaps will yo avoid health issues becoming taxing on their gameplay experience.

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