Screen shake? really?



Farming sessions cause headaches because of this. Please allow us to disable the jerky camera when harvesting resources.


From the looks of it, they don’t give a damn if we get sick or not. How is this not an option yet?!


This is a big issue for me as well. The screen shake is very pronounced. I have a a neurological condition (cluster headache) that is aggravated by screen shake. I have had to disable it in games since the original Doom’s head bob. And it gets worse [for me] the farther out your vertical FoV.


How has this not been addressed yet? I’ve had horrible eye-strain lately after long farming sessions due to this. >.<


I look out of peripheral to harvest myself, but, this is an issue I would have assumed been addressed in the recent patch. Some people may have already quit or perhaps will yo avoid health issues becoming taxing on their gameplay experience.