Headache due to harvesting screen shaking

Would it be possible to add an option which turns this crazy shaking off?
I’m getting headaches due to the sudden 20-50cm* jump of the camera on each hit of my tools.
Alternative: less extreme and less sudden. A fluid movement of the camera instead of this shaking.

For now I am just glad to be playing on a server with calamitous, which disables this.
But it’s been mentioned in voicechat today by someone else who got the same problem.
Maybe likes from everyone who is getting headaches because of this too?

I am playing with fov at 75 vertical and 91 horizontal and not getting motionsick.
Also usually not vulnerable to that which makes it seem to be different from motionsickness.

*20-50cm guessing that the toon head is supposed to be ~15-20cm “thick”. Basically the screen shakes roughly 1-2 cms. Suddenly, no fluid movement, but rather jumping.

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I have the exact same problem, and have asked for this multiple times as well.

There is a mod called Stabilize Camera that removes the screen shaking while farming, but naturally that does us no good on official servers. :frowning:

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I know this is something that has been suggested a couple times now. It’s still something on our suggestions list internally but I don’t know if it’s something that we can promise will be implemented. At least not a priority. As Larathiel mentioned, there indeed a mod but won’t help with official servers. :C Sorry about that!


As I said, Calamitous does the same.

Time to go praying, huh? walks off to some temples
Thank you. :slight_smile:

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That great for folks who are playing that total conversion, but for the rest of us, I figured it would still be helpful to call out a simple mod that does the same thing. Who knows, perhaps the devs could inspect it and easily integrate the relevant portion.

After all, a 2MB mod ought to be simpler to dissect and integrate than a 1,517MB total conversion. :wink:

how can the modders do it but Funcom can not? serious question.

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Not a high priority item, that’s what Nicole said 3 posts up. It’s a simple matter of allocation of resources, and Funcom feels there are other things that take higher priority.

They would also have to implement it in a way that it becomes a toggle, rather then a straight disable like mods do (though I’m not sure how Age of Cal has it set up).

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