Option to disable or toogle off screen shake effect?

Funcom, why don’t we have a setting to disable it yet? It makes me sick trying to do any sort of mining for more than 5 min. I have been playing AoC for a while and now came back to vanilla and this is a game breaking issue for me.

If anyone knows a mod which is still maintained by their author, please let me know because this is just horrible.

This one works:

Stabilise Camera by MysticForce

Make sure to load it towards the bottom of your load order just in case something tries to get in the way. Mods loaded last override mods loaded first.

If you don’t like that one, you can also try this one:

NoCameraShake by Sighmir

Thank you. I resorted to installing this one even though it appears that its last update was back in 2018. It works for the time being.

Sadly, not many servers are running this mod and officials are completely out of question. Why is the screen shake even a thing? Is there even anyone who likes this feature?

I have been asking for this since beta. People either dont care or hate it, so what is the point in this feature anyways?

It doesnt add anything to the game and makes some people sick, I dont understand why this feature is forced on us, give people a way to disable or enable it if they really like it.


this no shake has been asked for many times…why it has not happen yet is beyond me .

but those mods that disable it , if you can use mods, are totally worth it!.
i always have the no camera shake mod in my game.
sadly though , since the new roll , and this movement thing, plus the shake , my game play time has come to a halt for a while.
waiting for sorcery , and maybe the new map to come back in.

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