Dalinsia Snow Hunter Not Leveling

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I took my level 17 Dalinsia Snow Hunter to The Unnamed City to level her up and farm relic fragments. When I started she was at 1946117xp (More then 3/4 of the way to level 18). We killed enough bosses and skeletons to gather 18 fragments. Not sure how long it took. But when we were done Delinsia was still lvl 17 and her points had not budged past the 1946117 she started with. My horse however leveled up earlier the same day. So the issue is not across the board. Has anyone noticed this happening?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Check Dalinsia Snow Hunter’s xp points
    2.Fight a lot of stuff
    3.Check her points again

Since it’s private, do you play with mods? And if so, do you have the Better Thralls mod installed?

I bet you have better thralls installed and you used the green icon to make her follow instead of the vanilla one.

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Better Thralls is installed but I make sure that she is the main follower. Also, when I noticed what was happening, I took her out by herself. Still no XP points.

Went on today and took just her out on a supply run. She still wasn’t leveling. then I lost connection to the server and was booted. Restarted the game and she started leveling again. I then took her out with a thrall squad and she was still leveling. I guess the problem fixed itself.

iam always amused when people who use a pletora of mods come to complain about issues…ofc u gonna get issues, mods were not intended by devs, the game itself has a lot of bugs and glitches already, i wonder how people have the courage to install and use mods in this game.

While it was neither confirmed or dismissed to be caused by mod(s), it has been (for now) resolved by simplest of actions

Even on vanilla (official, private or SP) things would stop working mid play. A restart of game (client) and/or server would sometimes resolve the problem for a while.

I guess mods WERE intended by devs, hence free downloadable DevKit. Devs obviously just cannot guarantee functionality of the game when using mods made outside of their control.

It does, some of them going unresolved for years. Are you here to count the bugs or to enjoy the game and try to survive with workarounds until fixed?

Completely personal perspective (not many hours with mods): Because mods simply enhance the game. And with the number of different mods you are free to enhance your game the way you want it to.

Hazard of additional bugs and crashes comes with the territory I guess.


the game itself has a lot of bugs and glitches already, i wonder how people have the courage to install and use mods in this game.

Just because mods might cause more problems hardly seems like a sound reason not to enjoy the benefits they can offer. Some of them alleviate issues that players consider far more serious than whatever potential issues a given mod might cause.

Why wait to enjoy a selection of user-crafted improvements and additions just because the developers aren’t done patching the game?

Also, it’s not uncommon for mods to be made that actually fix bugs where possible. Ask anyone who has ever spent time adding mods to an Elder Scrolls game what the first mod they usually install is, and they’d probably name an unofficial patch. Or three. I personally use very few mods with a game, if any, but these bug fixing types I quite appreciate and often include in my small list of additions.

I agree, however, in general that people who choose to use mods also bear the responsibility of making sure problems they want to report with a game aren’t caused by said mods (whether that mistake was made here or not). You can’t buy a new car, pop open the hood, add and/or remove parts from it, and then take it back to the manufacturer claiming it was made defective. :slight_smile:

@Espanholol for some of us, it is either with mods or not at all: Option to disable or toogle off screen shake effect?

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