Missing Person - Dalinsia Snowhunter

I was wondering if anybody has seen Dalinsia. I’ve been checking out her usual haunts, the mounds of the dead and stargazers crest but no joy. I know her parents are getting a bit worried and would love to hear from her.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Character Name: NIMUE

Clan: Knights of Ni

Server PvE: The Lady of the Lake

Platform: PS4

I will let Snowhunter know that you miss them so much.

Fun Fact: Dalinsia Snowhunter is named after the modder whose workshop page I just linked. Just felt like giving Snow some love since his Thrall seems to be the consensus favorite around the Conan lands.

As to your inquiry, Dalinsia Snowhunter is spawning correctly, could just be bad luck or something happened to one of her spawns due to landclaim from other player structures or something.


Thanks for the informative reply.

As regards her spawn working properly I’m not convinced. For the past 3 days I have leveled the mounds at least 5 times a day, and stargazers probably 3 times that. Not so much as a sniff of her! There are no land notifications coming up to affect her spawn either.

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She does. I don’t know why you are so unlucky by the spawn tables for the PC and PS4 version should be the same. And I know those data tables a little too well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dalinsia Snowhunter used to be a sure spawn in mounds and sometimes several of her, that has indeed changed to her sometimes being there, I have seen her at least once within my 5-6 last “visits” there on official server :slight_smile:


Well I shall continue to keep looking. I’ve just done another pass of the mounds and stargazer and still a no show. TBH I’ve not seen any T4’s there for quite a while. Is there a server setting I may have changed by mistake?

Oggy: I JUST found my first named armorer after many attempts at known places. Others to include Multigun, were able to say they are seeing named armorers.

So, far it seems my luck with RNG is just sucking in that respect.

But with Dina, Master huntress… Her and her clones line my northern buildings…


Dalinsa used to spawn more frequently, but the devs seem to have tweaked her spawning rate which is now much lower.

It’s much better this way if you ask me, the “dalinsa clones armies thing” was a bit too much and boring.

She still spawns a little bit more frequently than all other crafters at the mounds i would say.

She still has a lot of spawn points including little lonely camps like the one near the mountain.

You’ll find her Oggy, there is just no doubt about that, it’s more the others crafters who are a pain to get…

good luck !


I 100% agree, Dalinsa’s were too frequent :smile:
I also agree on the T4 crafter thralls seeming to be very rare or maybe it is the RNG that’s against me…
Long story short I had a chest almost full of T4 crafters, priests, named dancers etc that decided to lose stability right after a server restart a couple of months ago, I had packed most of them in there because I was getting ready to move my base to a new location, that was a huge loss, I didn’t give up, but there’s still a lot of T4 thralls I haven’t been able to find - Perhaps the fact that the server(PVE-C 1041) is frequently close to being full makes it a bit harder since there are more competition in thrall hunting :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve had three spawns of the smelter and one of the tanner. Neither of which I need. No sign of Werk yet. But it’ll come. Same goes for Dalinsia for you I’m sure.

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Then we are 2.
I’m currently Hunting for the carpenter, the cook, the alchemist and the named bearer at the mounds.

i must have cleared the western part (including the taskmaster point) more than 100 times + the little camp (with 1 alch and 1 bearer) and i’ve only be able to find 1 werk, and 4 male bearers…dammit i want the ladies :smiley: .
No blacksmith, no female bearer, no cook, no carp and no alch to be find. But i know it will come, i’ve played this game enough to know when RNG descides to hate you :wink: i just need to reach the insanity point…:grin:

And to the OP, i have just found 2 others dalinsa during my last session:

  • 1 near the main hut in the western part, patroling the area in circle.
  • and and other one at the taskmaster point.

The western part is def your best bet for dalinsa, as it has multiple spawnpoints.

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Yeah those seem to be spawning a bit better, i have found 3 mathias and i haven’t even farmed this part of the camp…
And werk, well seems to be rarer than the ones you mentionned above but he still has a decent spawn rate i’d say, at least in my exp.
I’ve found 2 of these dudes recently.
Do you intend to equip your army with cimm armors or what?
As much as i love to get my hands of these armor pieces early on, those are def NOT the ones i’d choose for my army’s definitive equipement.

Anyway, i’m sure you’ll get him, good luck !


Actually I’m just starting to veer into ‘completionist’ territory there. I already have the T4s I need for functional reasons. It’s a trap many established players fall into I think.

Many Indeed, if not all :smiley:
then good luck with the exiles faction ! This one is really taugh to complete…

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By “completionist” you mean capturing all the named thrall who can be put on a wheel of pain ?

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Well… ultimately yes, but I have no illusions as to the viability of that

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So I have had a base at Stargazers forever, it actually decayed once, me being on vacation and my clanmate forgetting to refresh it. I have just started to rebuild up there and decided to make a mounds run. Found Dalinisa right away in the inner stone circle and accidently killed her. ( I have about 30 already) Heading back to my base, I ran thru Stargazers Crest encampment, and lo and behold, there she was again. Grabbed my “clubbing” thrall and ran back and got her.

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She is still around but very rarely, probably had a couple kids and just can’t get a babysitter to get out as much as she did back in her party days

She started a new business.


Ha I love it…:wink: My thrall shes so mean!!! :laughing:

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