Syra Brennerhet

Just some feedback.

This might be an “as intended” thing.

In the time I have found 4 Dalinsia Snowhunters which has been about a week I have found zero Syra Brennehets.

I have a route with 2 maprooms that go from the mounds to the volcano.
I hunt Dalinsia at the two locations and then back to the volcano oracle to see if Syra is there.

Zero Syra Brennerhet’s.

This is on a official server PvP.


Syra may of been burned to death by the lava, one of her potential spawn points has her pathing extremely close to a lava flow.

I picked one up just the other night. It’s just rnjesus laughing at you.


I share your frustration The_Cannibal. I brought this gsme at launch on ps4, and I am still yet to see her. Not even so much as one-single-blinking-time!! And Ive been trying to collect all T4 female dancers for some time now.

Can anyone suggest any other spawn points? The only one I know of is the Shrine of the Oracle, near Vathis the Heirophant.

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Where are her spawn points other than near the Oracle?

They’re all near the Shrine of the Oracle afaik, the one I mentioned was near there, she just happened to be walking below it (right side, casually strolling towards the lava, hangs around near there for a bit and strolls back up to the right side of the Shrine of the Oracle). Head up there and look for any thrall running that pattern and offer to show them your shiny new murder knife until she shows up. Alternatively, try getting a Votares purge.

Murder knife…

Genius lol

Yes, trying for the purge is another option.

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