Female T4 Dancers

I have now played Conan Exiles rigorously since it first launched on console. I have built a 3 storey T3 Black Ice manor, retrieved the 6 out 7 Artifacts available, amassed a fortune in gold, silver and pearls, claimed dozens of Legendaries, and completed all but the final two Journey Steps (aka-the main questline). But one task has remain stubbornly incomplete. I now wish to posess ALL of the finest women the Exiled Lands have to offer. While I have plenty of Dancers, and downright hot ones at that, thus far I have only managed to find a mere two T4 Dancers: Luba the Luscious and Ionna the Seductress. I must have moar, I must find them all.

So what do I want here? I am hoping some community members can list the remaining T4 females I am yet to obtain, and tell me of a few potential locations where each has been known to spawn. HOWEVER to make it awkward, please dont tell me if any of these locations has a 100% spawn rate! Slave wise I like never knowing what I will happen upon when I go out. Heck you all can can just hint a biome or handful of locations if you really want to. Dancer/entertainer/performer, etc title status differential does not matter. However, please note: I am ONLY interested in FEMALE Dancers, NOT male ones. Anyone who wishes to offer some input should feel free to do so. However, I would like to extend a special invitation to my forum buds @Larathiel, and especially resident Purge & Thrall expert and booty connoisseur, @Zeb. Peoples please…show me the hotties!


Senk the Pillowdancer
Spawned last night in sinners refuge.

Same room as the asurans in the area where the dancers usually spawn left side before you get to the alter


Ansina from the Summoning Place
Senk from Sinners Refuge
Imiu from Black Galleon
Inonna from the Den
Sadeh from the Den
Lianeele from Mounds of the Dead
Luba from Sepermeru
Syra from the Volcano (usually around the Shrine of the Oracle)

I think that’s all of them. I don’t think any named female entertainers spawn at New Asagarth.
No named entertainers spawn with Purges.


Well looks like Bodin got it all summed up, but I would definitely prioritize Lianeele as she’s the only T4 dancer with any noteworthy endowments… Guess it comes from hailing from a place called The Mounds. :wink:


Lianeele is also reasonably easy to reach, there’s a spawn point near the northeastern entrance to the Mounds. No need to wade through dozens of Cimmerians - with any luck, you can lure her to come meet you outside the village. (Your future father-in-law and brothers-in-law may come with her to check you out, though, so be careful.)

Larathiel has a point, though - she doesn’t look like a T4 dancer. If Bodin’s list is accurate, I have collected a full set, and they do have a certain common denominator. Except for Lianeele. Keep her apart from the others. You don’t want them to get jealous.

(@Croms_Faithful: if this was too much information, my apologies. I’ll edit out everything you didn’t want to know.)


I have only 1 Syra and I kill the Shrine people at least 3x when I am there (I am at the volcano every 2nd day). Also the 2 wandering spawns (if one doesnt decide to die in lava on its own anyway)
Its a nightmare for me…

I found Ansina Hidden-Daggers near the Dregs. Never found her at the summoning place and I have >4 witch-doctors and ~10 masks of the witchdoctor. So its not like I was never there…

Luba spawns for me quite often. Lianeele also good, but sometimes I dont see one for weeks. But the same with Werk from the Mounds… I gotten 2 within 1 day farming there. And since then 0 (and that is ~4-6 months ago).

PS.: Funcom knows about the lack of an enhanced upper part at the T4 dancers. But its so low on their priority, that it will probably never adjusted.
PPS.: You can heal dancers with healing arrows! So I even leveled some up to 10 and 5.


Just goes to show how funky RNG can be. Summoning Place is where I captured my Ansina, though I’ve yet to see her when slaughtering my way thru Dregs on my noob river patrols. As for Lianeele, my current one was actually captured during a Berserker purge. :smiley:



I have gotten her there also along with our hooded friends

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The lower level one’s seem to be better packaged fighters and archer’s too sooo sad


Yeah, that’s part of the reason I often ask players not to kill off non-named dancers during purges.


Been on my mind to make a video about named dancer locations. Maybe I’ll get that done this week. :wink:


If you stand in the place where the Witch Doctors spawn, looking back out at the entrance to the Summoning Place, the top rise on the right is where she likes to spawn (with a few archers and a Brute). She likes to dance by the fire. That’s where I find her most often (about every other visit -50/50 chance).

But yes, she does also spawn in a few other places, including Skulker’s End (something like a 20% chance). But she most consistently spawns in the Summoning Place.

(** Percentages are estimates - not actual test figures)


Well, time to camp Summoning place… I am burned out anyway, as my purge yesterday was creatures and bug and a friend on the server also had a creature purge today - which was also bugged.

So camping there and watching YT in between :smiley:

Edit: O, my GF switched to Conan from 2011 without even knowing what the movie is about :smiley:


for Imiu of derkehto there is a good spot in the jungle in M8 - near another good spot for pirate fighters like oggra the headcleaver or hansel of the blue seas

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Ok Im back now peoples, and I see that we have had a whole heap of great contributions here! Time to get to work on some replies.

First cab off the rank actually turned out to be the biggest surprise for me. Droch I have cleared this place out more times than I can possibly recall since launch time, and have still never spotted this one. I even do most of my Brimstone harvesting here as opposed to the Shattered Springs, as I only gather what I need as opposed to hording large amounts. Guess I am even luckier than I thought hey. But ill definately do some more checking there.

That definately seems to be the consensus, being a Cimmerian and hence a Crom worshipper too, ill definately be giving her priority. I do like a well proportioned Mound myself, but then Im sure that most of us here do. :laughing: Thanks for heeding the summons to Larathiel. Another one which I dont recall having seen yet as it would happen.

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Bodin it looks like you get the prize mate. Although I have not yet had a chance to play and go for a hunt (weekend hopefully), your list seems to be getting a firm nod of agreement. Im surprised that it seems to be primarily the faction capitals, as Ive cleared them all out so many times but to the absolute best of my recollection, never seen them there…lousy RNGesus! Well with the exception of the ones I have, and but one other in a coming post.

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Little update: Got 2 female witchdoctors since then, killed 1 male (no mask) and got Bnaru Heavyhands… No dancer.
I have no luck there :smiley:

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Got my Imiu at the Island of Unsightly Sirens

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she does effectively spawn there also , but the spawn is at a smaller rate than the spot in M8 :wink:

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