Which thralls or items are missing in your collection?

For me, as was stated in another discussion:

  1. Lianeele - one newbie friend caught her by accidence and did not even know she is the best entertainer thrall in the game. (not counting Skelos ones) As a girl I don’t really care about her gender, but I would love to have a entertainer thrall with really good stats and good potential in fighting matters.

  2. Any T4 Zath/Yog/Derketo priest - just because.

  3. Scythe and Hammer of Thag - grinding this dungeon is so unrewarding, thanks to its difficulty and respawn time. So far I got few maces, but still…

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Lianeele: Had her once or even more often. Needs luck though.

T4 Yog: There should be a “Chosen of Yog” northeast of the Dregs. He didn’t spawn for some time, but I think that got fixed.
T4 Zath: Can be found on Isle of Siptah. I also got tons on a Followers of Mitra (or similarly named) purged on Savage Wilds. That purge should spawn on Exiled Lands, too.
T4 Derketo: Lemurian purge. Tough area for purges, though. The Followers of Dagon come with very, very durable fishmen.

Scythe of Thag: Had it on my first character, never dropped again after that, though dozens of kills. Mayyyyyy be bugged, or maybe it’s bad luck. Anybody got that in the last year or so? Isn’t that great anymore though, I suppose, as the bleeding got nerfed hard.

Don’t think there’s anything I never found. Sword of Crom eluded me for years (except on Savage Wilds) - got the first just when it was nerfed.
Some thralls probably, especially Exiled and Dogs of the Desert, but nothing serious. The Hyperborean Slaver armor guy back when armors where thrall-specific, but that’s all I remember.
Some weird weapon drops such as stuff from the Avater of Bokrug, but they seem to be crappy anyhow.

Never found true love, though, despite abducting and brainwashing dozens of possible candidates. Strategy may need a tweak or two, but I’ll continue for some time to be sure.

Purge dancers are also great:
Dances with Bears
Ama the Seductress.
Makes Waves

All t4. Dances with Bears is my favourite (Aesir purge).

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Run until the last building where you meet Thag. Don’t stop. The thrall will teleport. Kill only the skeletons that are at the entrance. Learn the way carefully on SP if needed, because you’ll have a mob of angry undead pursuing you. There’s no room for many mistakes. You only clear the dungeon for khari steel. To farm Thag, just run there. It’s safe. If you farm RHTS at the entrance regularly, you will get a good amout of khari steel without taking big risks. Thag’s hammer is among the best in the game and its design is awesome. It’s worth the grinding.

I just acquired her at Stargazers two days ago. Never really understood the fanboy reaction to her, as I have T3 female thralls that are prettier. Honestly, who expects their dancers to fight? I put all of mine on “do nothing” for tactics.

What’s missing from my collection? The Captain, Vathis the Hierophant, and the Emissary of Haon-Dor :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. A lot of thralls and items are missing from my collection, because I’m playing a relatively new character, not even 6 months old :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not for her fighting abilities. It’s because she’s a named thrall, and that’s like a “status” thing. Sure, I could grab any T3 dancer and rename her, but it’s “not the same”. It’s silly, I know.

And yeah, I know there’s a whole bunch of other T4 dancers, but I like how she look better than I like most of other T4 dancers’ looks. :man_shrugging:

Prettier, it depends. There’s several versions of Lianeele. At her best, her facial featues are hard to beat.
She can be drop dead gorgeous.
However, there are purge and surge dancers who can be as beautiful (they can look like her with a different hair color) as her. And with more generous “assets”. Why do you think my favourite purge is the Aesir purge? Because of the carpenter? :smile: If you are very lucky, you can land a godly Dances with Bears. Nimbletoe, that is often found in surges can be very beautiful too. Ama the seductress for those who fancy colored dancers. She’s also the one with highest base HP. Lethandra can be beautiful too, but probably has a larger features pool. Mind you, that Dances with bears can also be ugly, but she can be absolutely gorgeous. I would trade the best Lianeele for the best DWB in a heartbeat.

Still gotta rebuild my female dancer collection after the merger, but I definitely have a few Lianeeles. That being said, my clanmate says we’re missing a pretty Lianeele with big lips. Lol… I’m still in the need of a few of them, including Ansina again because she died last week by a Komodo while offline, but Syra Brennerhet is my biggest frustration. I had her on the irl server and months later, she still alludes me, now more so because two of her spawns turned into sorcerers. Why must you punish me so, Funcom?! :tired_face:

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All of them. I got raided and my stuff taken. Working on getting it back lol.

So. . . back in the day, the named all came cloned, they were never different. I really haven’t paid much attention, except I know the Berserkers come in different flavors now.
Just out of curiosity, are ALL named this way, or just certain ones?

Here is my old Snowhunter collection as an example.

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A lot of them are, @JJDancer . Some have minor changes while others can look a lot different. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which or how the game decides the appearance of an npc. Even human world bosses have different appearances. You can kill a Ladagara while wishing you could take her to your base instead or while looking at her in fear of her hideous nose! :laughing: Same for the Arena Champion. These can even change more drastically. I find that pretty cool. When you kill one, it’s only natural that a new one takes her place. :wink:
Btw, when you get the same thrall from a vendor, check his looks. If he is different, just change his name. It will feel less repetitive and their stats will be different when you level them, so…

Well, start making that chart for it!
2021-07-28 19_20_53-Window


You have any idea how many named npcs are there? :rofl:

How would we know until you’re done making that chart? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:smile: I think that can be extracted from the data by someone with the right tools, @CodeMage . I don’t know in which age conan exiles would be when I finished, but I would know mine: old age. :wink:
I already spawned most of the humanoids available in the admin panel, but I didn’t take notes about those who always look the same.:smile:
There’s a list of named npcs online (in the fandom wiki). I can search it, but it’s quite long.

Hum… @Xevyr might be able to do it. :smile:

I mean… the same list applies to this as well… It’s a UNIVERSAL list :smiley: (and sorry, wasn’t reading the forums as I was busy being destroyed on reddit for daring to mention the katana :smiley: )

But every possible human thrall that is a follower and not a crafter is on that list.
Edit: I mean this list ofc

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Thanks @Xevyr . What I thought was that maybe you had a way of extracting from the data which thralls have a fixed appearance with some software or something. :smile:

You didn’t specify what “it” is, so I assumed it was this :smiley:

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Conan’s Atlantean Sword :smiling_face_with_tear:

day one early access player, but I didn’t know the existence of the pre-order bundle.