T4 dancers need a higher spawn rate

Any chance the devs could increase the t4 dancers spawn rate on official servers? Like 1% is a bit ridiculous… Weird how some thralls have a higher spawn chance, some even 100% but dancers do not? Not asking for 100% spawn chance just asking maybe up to it 5% or something.

I can empathise with this somewhat, specifically for the Votaries. the volcano doesn’t seem to have a dedicated dancer spawn, so finding Syra Bennerhet means farming the shrine of oracle, the few wandering random spawns, or that one spot next to the pens.

other than that, i can live with the current spawn rate everywhere else.

I spent quite a bit of time cultivating volcano slaves. I probably captured all the slaves.

but i only miss syra.

I think the developers have broken their spawn percentages at 0%.

to my knowledge only a former player from my server have find this slave (longtime agoo)

T1 is enough to get rid of corruption.

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Nahh . with the sorcery update we need a dancer strong enough for the fight like lianeele


As long as Ancient Obuluses are in play - you dont need higher spawn chances


Bought two named dancers so far was hoping for a blacksmith to RNG.

Welcome to the Forum. On Exiles Barnes was spawning pretty regularly in Sinners refuge.

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There are no Blacksmiths in the spawnpool of the vendors. You need to get them the old fashioned way.


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Thanks for the info :+1: will save my coins for fighters.

it’s not a good idea.

I am not a person who is economical.

I’ve used this stuff a lot. I’d rather have a dancer strong for the fight

You can get a strong T4 dancer thrall easily with

The thrall is


There are quite a few T4 dancers there. Not only Barnes but some regular T4 Exiles in regular dancers’ spawn points in the last cave near him.

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