T4 Dancer Thralls

Can someone explain to me why the T4 dancer thralls are the worst-looking in the game with the T1’s being the best-looking? It seems to me to be counterintuitive that I wish I could have been there when they made this decision just to see the train of thought.


T4 are pretty much static if they have same name they look the same, while T1 are just race name so it probably just ramdomise every time you see the same type.


Okay, well they could still make the static dancers better looking.


This is what I suspect happened for common named thrall creation. They think up of a name then just hit ramdomise and boom a new named thrall regardless it pretty or not now it stuck that way.

It has always been this way. Have been using Barnes as a fighter. When I learn how going to reroal him he is pretty good.


Do you mean their actual facial features, or is this the weekly “Why do all T4 thralls have small breasts” thread?


mainly small breasts lol



Off the top of my head Dances with Bears has large ones but she’s a T4 Purge/Surge thrall so she might be unobtainable in the new Purge system, at least for awhile.

But if it’s just as an entertainer for base decoration: the difference in corruption removal between T3 and T4 is negligible, and you can get T3 dancers up to over 3k health. So why not just go to Conan’s bar in Sepermeru and pick out a T3? there’s 3 that spawn there all the time plus one outside, so in a couple of respawns you can get some decent ones.


They arent randomized tho. What OT is talking about is that female T4 dancer thralls always have small boobs :grin: Thats just somehow hard-coded into the game. But higher tier entertainers don’t really have much anything going for them. Perhaps their combat prowess could be improved.

that is what I did when playing on Exiles. I’m currently playing on Siptah. It is really not a big deal it just seems like such a weird thing to do. It is very counterintuitive and just blows my mind a bit. lol

Funcom even admitted that the T4 small boob thing is an oversight/bug, but in this case it’s not really counterintuitive.
Elite dancers train hard and most aren’t running around with 20% bodyfat.
There are very few pro athletes with giant boobs that aren’t implants… which didn’t exist in the Hyborian Age :wink:

Honestly I’m more upset that the small boobs look so weird and deformed. They really messed up there.

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Well, I can’t argue your logic. But I can say that this is an area where I would not have minded logic not being applied lol


Except Lianeele. For some reason she uses a different template from everyone else.

Other noteworthy stuff: all (or at least most) T4 female fighters share the same body shape, although it’s a more shapely shape than the dancers. All T4 male fighters have their endowment slider at minimum settings.

This tells me something. Thralls between T1 - 3 are randomly generated within a certain set of parameters. That’s why we see such variety in them. T4 NPCs are supposed to be specific individual characters, and as such, recognizeable. But whoever was responsible for creating all those hundreds of individual characters seems to have grabbed a single template, and just adjusted some facial features and hairstyles.

An interesting detail is that some T4 crafter thralls actually have some random variety in their clothing and hairstyles. There are these two female Stygian taskmasters whose names I don’t remember who sometimes wear shoes and are sometimes barefoot, and I’ve seen both with a few different hairstyles too.

Creating some variety in T4 thrall appearances shouldn’t take much work. Just some fiddling with pre-existing sliders. A thrall’s unique appearance can be basically condensed into a single line of alphanumerical symbols (as seen e.g. in the CharEditLite/Fashionist mod), so the load on servers etc. is negligible.


Do Aesir surges (North I believe?).
Dances with Bears can spawn in those surges and she has randomized looks but often spawns with a large chest.

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I noticed a long time ago: not only dancers, but in general all white-skinned NPC women appear with large breasts. Nordheimers are almost always at the maximum size. On the contrary, dark-skinned people have small, or at most medium, breasts. Why is, of course, an interesting question.

Honestly, this one would prefer if, in addition to having a set look, named T4s also had something distinct about them, not just larger models, but have specific colour gear, a hairstyle not usually used for property people, permanent body paint, ect…

The issue of some of the named entertainers being not one’s cup of tea would easily be solved of we could drag our slaves to the orb of Nergal.
Or at the very least do something about their hair.
Some hair/face combos are…
Well, there’s a reason not everyone should go for bangs.

On an aside, anonymous T4s have plenty of variations.
RHTS and 'Zerkers (other than a slight tendency towards male pattern baldness) have quite a bit of variance.

Within named characters there is also some wiggle.
Spawn a half dozen or so Lissa O the Longbows.
They have some slight variation in skin tone (very slight) and can shift a bra size.

As for as bust size and beauty…
This one wonders what dark sorcery made implants so common In this distinctly pre modern setting…
Amongst the Accursed, who are suffused with corruption, it is understandable that their anatomy would be… markedly other than natural.
All the men are clean shaven…
At least a quarter of the women have more silicon than meat on their ribs…
There is something very peculiar about this place.


What is “good looking” ?
Obviously, some people like huge melons, ok. But objectively there is no such thing.

You can actually ask why t4 thralls being “tailor made” look the way they look, besides making judgment of value which is personal. So why t4 thralls “often” have small boobs (female duh) ? Well, there is a really interesting educated guess to be made in that regard.

I myself dont really care because my thralls are all tailor made by me, so they look however I want them to look. But there would be some better questions in that regard, which were the questions I thought this topic was about:

Why does t4 dances are objectivelly rarer and less diverse than any other t4 ?
I mean, you have over double the number of half of the thrall profession/class (people call it differently there days) over the number of t4 entertainers. Not only they are fewer, but they are also harder to find.

As a computer player, I dont really care because mods also solve that problem. I just find it interesting that not only there are fewer t4 entertainers, there are also many of the ones present in the game files that do not spawn in the game by organic means.

MAYBE, one thing is related to the other, as having fewer numbers and less diversity, they also tend to have less variation in their looks, and therefore not figuring in the “pretty scale” of many people.

Yeah, all the new dancers added with siptah (like DWB) are randomized and—often— have randomized chests. I guess Funcom finally decided to be generous.


People just need to learn to farm the mounds.

As a lady I don’t care how big their sweater puppies are, but Li and Dances-With-Bears come with some great health. Riversend has been the best to get the purge for the latter. (For me, anyway)


Dances With Bears and Nimble Toe can spawn with various breast sizes, Lianelle or the female T4 Yog faction dancer are also an option.