No female among the new implemented named thralls in asagarth/mounts of the deads?

Tittle says about everything, only named males seem to spawn in these locations since the recent patches.
The game usually offers 1 version of each gender for crafting thralls (in most cases), but not in these 2 big camps apparently.
So my question is: will beri and freya keep being the only 2 named females thralls in these 2 factions, or is funcom planning on adding some female versions too at some point?
maybe some of you guys have found some female named thralls, that i didn’t find though…you’re welcome to share :smiley:

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NICOLE, would you be kind to let your colleagues know about what i wrote above when they come back in the office, so we make sure they know about it.

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I found a female blacksmith and enslaver in serpermeru and an artisan and fighter in the jungle and a female named dancer in the black galeon.

plus both tier 3 derketo priests are female.

A named female blacksmith in sepermeru? i really 'd like to know about her. what’s her name then please?
enslaver? if that’s is beli or olena, it’s nothing new.

The jungle is big and there are 2 different factions there so you need to be more precise in that matter and give their name at best. Could you go and check all their names in game and share them back here please?
Named dancer at the black galleon? imiu?

archpriests are no named thralls, they are lvl 3 thralls and are in no way unique, but yeah you can be glad you found 2 of them, especially as female :smiley: and especially if you play on PVP

Buah… I don’t remember their names XD… I had them for liek 1 day before I got raided (Lucky for those bastards the archers didn’t shoot them down for some odd reason)… and in the jungle I’m talking about that single lemurian camp… those at the derketo’s lust palast ( or whatever it’s called… it has a black kitty with 2 eyes :D) there is I think the name of one is Fia… I think it’s the Artisan. And the Dancer is indeed Imiu of Derketo. another female dancer, I think in serpermeru, is Luba

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lol, thoses bastards… ok thanks for your reply mate.

ok so as i was expected those named female NPCS were in the game before the update i was refering too.
I was more refering to the new t4 carpenter/smelter/blacksmith/alchimist in the northern factions, which besides beri and freya have no named female version of these jobs and who were already in the game before the implementation of all those new named thralls with the last update… i know it’s hard to understand what i mean and i apologize for that

Thanks again for your feedback mate.

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oh… that I can’t help you with sorry. I barely go slave capturing in the north… I rather have dark skinned people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me i am wondering if a certain berserker spawns for the heirs of the north.

No worry mate, i appreciate your input :smiley:

good question !
he/she used to spawn between new asagarth and the 3 towers, in a very little nordheimer camp. All i can tell is that i have never seen him/her again for about 1-2 months.
However as you probably already know the other berserker that spawns at the mount of the deads is still there, and keep on spawning as he used to.

Iroincally i spawned mine in via admin while looking over the crossbow thrall holder when i came across it and got curious so i luckily gave mine which is a he a home as i think mine uses the shield i gave him rarely as i seen him for a quick second block a wolf attack one time.

Danissia Snowhunter, she spawns at the mounds, ever cloned, at the volcano, and come with purge around Skyholme and direction the mounds.
Have several Danissias.

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Well seen mate !!! had forgotten this one, but again she is nothing new, nothing freshly implemented. But she’s finally looking pretty !!! it was about time…
yep dalinsa and her clones :rofl: i have found her as quadriplets on multiple occasions, and that’s exactly the sad thing about her, she not so unique :wink:

i have found about 7-8 new named thralls at mount of the deads and new asagarth, and none of these newly implemented thralls was a female.

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agree, FC seems think 80% males in game are fine. But of course i think 50/50 would be more satisfaction for most players. Especially dancers i realy prefer in female version. But all two are fine, if you get any chance to grab all two after a while.


FINALLY !!! i have always felt lonely in that matter.
and coming from you makes it even more meaningfull…:wink:


Well i wouldn’t mind seeing more named females as well.

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and not only named ones…

I am all for more female spawns of all Tiers, best as a slider where you can customise the percentage so I would no longer require a mod to not be surrounded by male NPC’s everywhere since I prefer the females :stuck_out_tongue:


yep i second this idea.
sad thing is we don’t seem to be that many to share this opinion, so i guess we will have to deal with mods and thank the modding community for their work…

I ended up installing a mod for my server that alters the spawn rate. Of course, I still have female NPCs named “Jon” and such since the mod only alters gender and not name