Still no Blondes

I was really excited to see the Siptah art had a blonde lady looking off into the distance. Haven’t seen any drop from the sky. I’d rather have them fix the thrall drop rates first but if they have time, could they add some variety to the hair color. I did get a pink haired Lemurian Sherpah.

I’ve gotten some blondes. One was a T2 blacksmith and she works very hard at the anvil. Every time I come ‘home’ she’s pounding away making steel reinforcements.

Another was a dancer. She’s entertain Mitra worshippers at the moment (though I never see anyone just walk over to pray).

But yes, the majority that I’ve see are not blondes. They seem to be a bit uncommon.

Try a North Surge spawn. I got blondes everywhere. Blond dancers, Aesir Fighters etc etc

I got a dancer with a blonde name.

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