Whats with all the beautiful shiny hair !?

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Problem: [Misc]

Seriously, what is with all the beautiful shiny hair !? Plus why have all my dark haired thralls suddenly have light brown glissening hair.

We are BARBARIANS who live in a exiled land plagued with sand storms. Dirty and grity just as we like it. Now I feel like i’m in a shampoo advertisment. The hair was fine, why turn us into hair models ??


My blonde :blonde_woman:characters hair does not seem to have a color change My wife’s character dark color has silver gray sheen now. Hair and breasts still have animation.

It all looks wrong/bugged to me, as though the texture hasn’t loaded correctly. The colour is intense and the texture looks like it is on the lowest possible setting.

my blond hair is pink IMG-20210420-WA0040
Pink would be beautiful if it wasn’t a buggy blond hair

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It is a nice shade. Have you risked using the Vanity Beach/Mirror?

Glad to see the exiled lands full of shampoo and conditioner.

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