Hair colour bug

When will the blonde shade on these hairstyles be fixed? Whenever i pick blonde for these three hairstyles it looks brown

No one?

Funcom is on summer vacation. Please standby.

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same thing in pc, I wanted dirty blonde wavy hair and it’s brown… wth is going on with their minds.

Prior to the patch that broke the game - the patch prior to the Siptah DLC release - Lianeele was the sexiest dancer IMO. Now she has grey hair and looks like a 60 year old stripper at a truck stop.

For the record: I haven’t played Conan Exiles since the patch that was supposed to fix all this was denied by Sony because of flaws. For all I know, the game is completely fixed and has zero bugs. But I doubt it since people are still experiencing issues.

Lianeele doesn’t use wavy hair, she only spawns with the straight hair shoulder length cut and is always brunette. I’ve spawned hundreds of her. Her hairstyle never changes. (unless it’s a very old pre overhaul spawn, back when crafters were topless). A couple of the IoS female T4 dancers can spawn with wavy hair, such as Nimbletoe or Dances-With-Bears.

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I hear you, all my brunettes and redheads are blonde, seems colours are reversed?

The colours can seem to change from their normal assigned colour under certain lighting conditions, ie using witchfire torches. Wavy and the two high ponytail cuts are definitely off though, far dirtier looking than they’re supposed to be.

Definitely like i picked the same shade on a different hair style and this is how it is supposed to be

That’s how blonde the hairs are meant to be in what i posted in the opening post when choosing that shade

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